Points Table – Super 8


4Army SC74122591613
8Solid SC7115620-144
1Colombo FC7511135716
3Blue Star SC7421119-214
2Renown SC7502147715
5New Youngs FC7223710-38
6Air Force SC712468-25
7Navy SC7115819-114

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Fixture and Results – Super 8

Week 1Team 1S1S2Team 2Kick offVenueReportPhotosReplayHighlights
03.09.2016SL Air Force SC22SL Army SC4.00PMRace Course GroundsReport Photos Replay
03.09.2016Renown SC 02Blue Star SC6.00PMRace Course GroundsReport Photos Replay
04.09.2016SL Navy SC05Solid SC4.00PMRace Course Grounds ReportPhotosReplay
04.09.2016New Youngs SC00Colombo FC6.00PMRace Course GroundsReport  PhotosReplay
Week 2Team 1S1S2Team 2Kick offVenueReportPhotosReplayHighlights
06.01.2017Blue Star SC0SL Air Force SC3.30PMKelaniya Football ComplexReport PhotosReplay
07.01.2017Colombo FC3Solid SC3.30PMKelaniya Football Complex ReportPhotosReplay
08.01.2017Renown SC21New Youngs FC3.30PMKelaniya Football ComplexReport  PhotosReplay
09.01..2017SL Army SC32 SL Navy SC3.30PMKelaniya Football ComplexReport PhotosReplay
Week 3Team 1S1S2Team 2Kick offVenueReportPhotosReplayHighlights
13.01.2017Blue Star SC22SL Navy SC3.30PMKelaniya Football Complex ReportPhotosReplay
15.01.2017Renown SC30Army SC3.30PMKelaniya Football Complex ReportPhotosReplay
16.01.2017New Youngs FC1Solid SC4.00PMKelaniya Football Complex Report PhotosReplay
17.01.2017Air Force SC12Colombo FC3.30PMKelaniya Football Complex ReportPhotosReplay
Week 4Team 1S1S2Team 2Kick offVenueReportPhotosReplayHighlights
20.01.2017Colombo FC21Army SC3.30PMKelaniya Football ComplexReport PhotosReplay
21.01.2017Solid SC04 Renown SC3.30PMKelaniya Football Complex Report PhotosReplay
22.01.2017New Youngs FC1Blue Star SC3.30PMKelaniya Football Complex Report PhotosReplay
23.01.2017Navy SC10Air Force SC3.30PMKelaniya Football Complex Report PhotosReplay
Week 5Team 1S1S2Team 2Kick offVenueReportPhotosReplayHighlights
11.02.2017Renown SC20Air Force SC3.30PMKelaniya Football ComplexReport  PhotosReplay
12.02.2017Solid SC02 Blue Star SC3.30PMKelaniya Football ComplexReport PhotosReplay
13.02.2017Army SC0New Youngs FC3.30PMKelaniya Football Complex Report PhotosReplay
14.02.2017Colombo FC31 Navy SC3.30PMKelaniya Football ComplexReport Photos Replay
Week 6Team 1S1S2Team 2Kick offVenueReportPhotosReplayHighlights
17.02.2017Solid SC07Army SC3.30PMKelaniya Football ComplexReport Photos  –
18.02.2017Navy SC12Renown SC3.30PMKelaniya Football ComplexReport Photos Replay  –
19.02.2017Blue Star SC0Colombo FC3.30PMKelaniya Football ComplexReport Photos  Replay –
01.02.2017New Youngs FC1Air Force SC3.30PMKelaniya Football Complex Report Photos –
Week 7Team 1S1S2Team 2Kick offVenueReportPhotosReplayHighlights
25.02.2017New Youngs FC41Navy SC3.30PMKelaniya Football ComplexReport  Photos –
26.02.2017Air Force SC30 Solid SC3.30PMKelaniya Football ComplexReport Photos –
04.03.2017Army SC3Blue Star5.00PMRace Course Stadium ReportPhotos Replay
04.03.2017Renown SC13Colombo FC7.15PMRace Course StadiumReport PhotosReplay

Points Table – Group Stage

Group A

Crystal Palace FC83141719-210
Solid SC84311761115
Up Country Lions SC8233816-89
Blue Star SC84131113-213
Army SC87102442022
Colombo FC8503179815
Civil Security Force8008233-310
Negombo Youth SC840426131312
Matara City Club8215817-97

Group B

Navy SC84221210214
New Youngs SC85121511416
Renown SC87012671921
Java Lane SC81341013-36
Thihariya Youth SC8026425-212
Air Force SC8413127513
Saunders SC83141212010
Police SC82241017-78
Super Sun SC84041211112


Fixture and Results – Group Stage

Week 1Team 1S1S2Team 2Kick offVenueReportPhotosReplayHighlights
24.06.2016Saunders SC12Renown SC7.30PMRace Course GroundReportPhotosReplay  Highlights
25.06.2016Thihariya Youth SC11Java Lane SC3.30PMKelaniya Football ComplexReport  – –
25.06.2016Super Sun SC03SL Navy SC3.30PMVernon Fernando StadiumReportPhotosReplay  Highlights 
25.06.2016SL Police SC13New Youngs SC3.30PMPolice Ground ReportPhotos – –
26.06.2016Blue Star SC10Colombo FC3.30PMVernon Fernando StadiumReportPhotosReplay  Highlights
26.06.2016Crystal Palace SC1Matara FC3.30PMJayathilake StadiumReport  –– 
26.06.2016Negombo Youth SC02Solid SC 3.30PMKelaniya Football ComplexReport Photos – –
26.06.2016Civil Security SC02Up Country Lions SC3.30PMCity Football ComplexReport Photos – –
Week 2Team 1S1S2Team 2Kick offVenueReportPhotosReplayHighlights
02.07.2016Colombo FC40Negombo Youth SC3.30PMCity Football ComplexReport  PhotosReplayHighlights
02.07.2016SL Air Force SC20Saunders SC3.30PMEkala GroundReport  – –
02.07.2016Renown SC 31Super Sun SC 3.30PMKealaniya Football ComplexReport  Photos –
03.07.2016SL Army SC60Blue Star SC3.30PMKealaniya Football ComplexReport Photos – –
03.07.2016Up Country Lions SC22Crystal Palace SC3.30PMJayathilake StadiumReport Photos –
03.07.2016Solid SC0Civil Security SC3.30PMPrison GroundReport – – –
03.07.2016Java Lane SC23SL Police SC3.30PMCity Football ComplexReport  PhotosReplayHighlights
03.07.2016New Youngs SC31SL Navy SC3.30PMSri Albert F. Pieris StadiumReport–  – –
Week 3Team 1S1S2Team 2Kick offVenueReportPhotosReplayHighlights
09.07.2016Matara FC13SL Army SC3.30PMMatara Football ComplexReport Photos –
09.07.2016SL Air Force SC  0Thihariya Youth SC3.30PMEkala GroundReport – – –
09.07.2016Saunders SC03Super Sun SC3.30PMKelaniya Football ComplexReport Photos ReplayHighlights 
10.07.2016Negombo Youth SC3Blue Star SC3.30PMKelaniya Football ComplexReportPhotos Replay  Highlights
10.07.2016Civil Security SC3Colombo FC3.30PMCity Football  ComplexReportPhotos –
10.07.2016Solid SC0Crystal Palace SC3.30PMPrison Ground Report – –– 
10.07.2016New Youngs SC03Renown SC3.30PMSir Albert F. Peries StadiumReport –– 
10.07.2016SL Navy SC1 1Java Lane SC3.30PMNavy Ground – WelisaraReport – –
Week 4Team 1S1S2Team 2Kick offVenueReportPhotosReplayHighlights
27.07.2016SL Army SC21Negombo Youth SC3.30PMKelaniya Football Complex – –
13.07.2016Matara FC1Up Country Lions SC3.30PMMatara Football ComplexReport Photos  –
13.07.2016Blue Star SC0Civil Security Force3.30PMVernon Fernando StadiumReportPhotosHighlights
13.07.2016Colombo FC2Crystal Palace SC3.30PMCity Football  ComplexReportPhotos ReplayHighlights
13.07.2016SL Air Force SC1Super Sun SC3.30PMEkala GroundReport – –– 
13.07.2016Renown SC0Java Lane SC3.30PMKelaniya Football Complex Report –– 
13.07.2016New Youngs SC1Saunders SC3.30PMSir Albert F. Peries StadiumReport Photos  – –
14.07.2016Thihariya Youth SC22SL Police SC3.30PMKelaniya Football Complex Report – –
Week 5Team 1S1S2Team 2Kick offVenueReportPhotosReplayHighlights
17.07.2016Up Country Lions SC2SL Army SC3.30PMJayathilake Stadium Report –– 
16.07.2016Civil Security SC7Negombo Youth SC3.30PMKelaniya Football ComplexReport Photos – –
17.07.2016SL Police SC1SL Air Force SC3.30PMPolice GroundReport – – –
16.07.2016Super Sun SC3New Youngs SC3.30PMVernon Fernando ReportPhotos ReplayHighlights 
17.07.2016Matara FC1Solid SC3.30PMMatara Football GroundReport – – –
21.07.2016Crystal Palace SC1Blue Star SC3.30PMJayathilake StadiumReport – –– 
17.07.2016SL Navy SC0Thihariya Youth SC3.30PMNavy Ground – WelisaraReport Photos– 
17.07.2016Saunders SC2Java Lane SC3.30PMKelaniya Football ComplexReportPhotosReplayHighlights
Week 6Team 1S1S2Team 2Kick offVenueReportPhotosReplayHighlights
23.07.2016SL Army SC60Civil Security SC3.30PMNavy Ground – WelisaraReport –  – –
23.07.2016Up Country Lions SC  1Solid SC3.30PMJayathilake StadiumReport  –– 
23.07.2016SL Air Force SC 1New Youngs SC3.30PMEkala GroundReport – – –
23.07.2016SL Police SC2SL Navy SC3.30PMPolice GroundReport Photos– – 
23.07.2016Thihariya Youth SC9Renown SC3.30PMKelaniya Football ComplexReportPhotosReplayHighlights
23.07.2016Matara FC4Colombo FC3.30PMMatara Football GroundReport–  –– 
23.07.2016Java Lane SC  2Super Sun SC3.30PMCity Football ComplexReport PhotosReplay
24.07.2016Crystal Palace SC0 4Negombo Youth SC3.30PMJayathilake StadiumReport Photos – –
Week 7Team 1S1S2Team 2Kick offVenueReportPhotosReplayHighlights
30.07.2016Renown SC2SL Police SC3.30PMKelaniya Football Complex ReportPhotos – –
30.07.2016Java Lane SC1New Youngs SC3.30PMCity Football ComplexReport PhotosReplay
31.07.2016Crystal Palace SC52Civil Security Force3.30PMJayathilake Stadium – – – –
31.07.2016Colombo FC0Up Country Lions SC3.30PMCity Football Complex ReportPhotos –
31.07.2016SL Navy SC14SL Air Force SC3.30PMNavy Ground – WelisaraReportPhotosReplay– 
31.07.2016Thihariya Youth SC04Saunders SC3.30PMKelaniya Football Complex – –
Week 8Team 1S1S2Team 2Kick offVenueReportPhotosReplayHighlights
03.08.2016Solid SC0SL Army SC3.30PM Prison Ground – – –
03.08.2016Up Country Lions SC2Blue Star SC3.30PMJayathilake StadiumReport  – –– 
03.08.2016Negombo Youth SC2Matara City FC3.30PMKelaniya Football Complex ReportPhotos –
03.08.2016Super Sun SC0Thihariya Youth SC 3.30PMVernon Fernando StadiumReportPhotos –Highlights
06.08.2016SL Police SC01Saunders SC3.30PMPolice Ground ReportPhotos– 
06.08.2016Blue Star SC1Matara City FC3.30PMVernon Fernando Stadium –Photos– 
06.08.2016Negombo Youth SC0Up Country Lions SC3.30PMKelaniya Football Complex – – –
06.08.2016Java Lane SC0SL Air Force SC3.30PMCity Football ComplexReportPhotos – –
Week 9Team 1S1S2Team 2Kick offVenueReportPhotosReplayHighlights
06.08.2016SL Navy SC21Renown SC3.30PMNavy Ground – Welisara ReportPhotosReplay
06.08.2016New Youngs SC 0Thihariya Youth SC3.30PM Sir Albert. F. Peries Stadium – – –
07.08.2016SL Army SC  2Crystal Palace SC3.30PMKelaniya Football ComplexReportPhotosReplay
07.08.2016Solid SC2Colombo FC3.30PMPrison Ground – – – –
09.08.2016Civil Security SC2Matara City FC3.30PMCity Football ComplexReportPhotos – –
10.08.2016Super Sun SC01SL Police SC3.30PMVernon Fernando StadiumReport Photos –Highlights
13.08.2016Colombo FC 0  2SL Army SC3.30PMCity Football ComplexReport PhotosReplay
13.08.2016Renown SC 10SL Air Force SC3.30PMKelaniya Football ComplexReport Photos
14.08.2016Blue Star SC20Solid SC3.30PMVernon Fernando Stadium ReportPhotosReplay
14.08.2016Saunders SC 1 1SL Navy SC3.30PMKelaniya Football ComplexReport PhotosReplay