Tell ThePapare has always been a by the people, for the people concept. We open yet another forum ‘Tell ThePapare’ to bring all your sporting concerns to us.

Unearth hidden talent by informing us of players with champion qualities or a team not receiving due recognition. ThePapare will surely highlight these on our site and where possible take matters to the authorities.

You can also inform us of your sporting events. Time and again ThePapare has called for this. Organizers, institutions, schools – send us your events, articles, photographs and we will surely publicize these on the website or we will send our reporters and photographers to cover events as best as possible.

This forum can also be used to report injustices and discrepancies with selections of teams, running of tournaments or any other matters.

Its basically ThePapare’s call to all sporting enthusiasts of Sri Lanka to join the bandwagon and help escalate the Sport of Sri Lanka

Send info to : [email protected] or call on +94777822777