Video – WATCH! Can GSW do a 3-PEAT?

Well, LeBron James and LA Lakers do not seem to be making it to the PLAYOFFS! So we decided to shift our focus to the Golden State Warriors! Can they go for a 3-peat? Find out in 02 mins.

Video – WATCH! LeBron will pass Michael but, PLAYOFFS?

We have to accept that LeBron James is great in modern day basketball! But we also feel if Kobe Bryant was there perhaps LA Lakers will qualify for the Playoffs. Our take in 02 mins.


ROFL! What if the LA Lakers does not qualify? What a bad trade move will it be for LeBron James? Well, this what we think about it, guys, NBA in 02 Mins!

Video – Rondo or LeBron? WATCH

OMG! A buzzer beater from Los Angeles Lakers to record their win against Boston Celtics. LOL! Players get traded mid game with ZERO ideas. This is NBA`s best in 02 mins!   >>Click here for more basketball videos<<

James Harden for MVP? WATCH!

NBA is hotter than ever! King James is back and then on the other hand, there is a race for the MVP. Did you watch our weekly round up? Well then start to vote for the polls, we will...

Who’s the new beast in the East?

After a few months of break for the off-season, NBA is back and ready for the 2018-19 season and so is NBA Round Up. October 16th, 2018 will mark the commencement of the new season and it'll surely...

Is this the year for the Rockets to shine?

Throughout the entire regular season, the buzz for the predicted conference finals matchup between the Warriors and Rockets was phenomenal as the two teams emerged as high powered offensive franchises since the commencement of the season. As Rockets and...

Can the Celtics prevent Cavs’ fourth trip to the finals?

Out of 16 teams, only 4 have survived and it's time for Conference finals. While the Cavs are battling with the Celtics for the Eastern Conference title, Rockets are scrambling with the Warriors for the Western Conference title. Only...

“LeBron isn’t clutch” they said

Basketball is no easy game ergo being an elite baller is an arduous task. For more than a decade, there's a man from Akron, Ohio who has been dominating the sport. LeBron Raymone James is his name. There are times...

Can Heat unsettle the Sixers?

Last Sunday marked the commencement of NBA Playoffs 2018 and undoubtedly, it's "Christmas time" for the basketball fanatics. Out of the 16 teams that take the floor, denying the fact that the clash between Philadelphia 76ers and Miami Heat...

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