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Go KETO: The first ever KETO Boot Camp?

The first of its kind in the island, Sandwich Factory in partnership with and fueled by ThePapare Health is in a mission to...

Go KETO: What are the benefits of the KETO diet?

One of the main benefits is that it gives you a clean energy process to smoothen your workout. Learn the full list of benefits...

Go KETO: What does it mean to ‘Achieve Ketosis’?

It’s all about the Ketones produced by your liver and more actually. Learn the full story with Natasha Fonseka- Co-founder

Go KETO: What is a KETO Diet?

Learn what’s so special about this new wave making diet with Isuru Fonseka- Co-founder

Go KETO: Success Story

The Sandwich Factory Colombo, founder Hisham Cader shares his KETO diet experience with ThePapare Health.Q1: What made you start the KETO diet program? Q2: What...
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ThePapare Health: Workout Right with – Agility Ladder

After one month vacation, your favorite fitness duo is back with another exciting set of workouts. Watch this episode for agility ladder exercises. WATCH -...

7 Ladder Drills That Fry Fat and Make You a Better...

The ladder is a great tool for agility-based exercise because it's lightweight, portable, and there are almost endless variations one could perform using it. These...

Randy Seneviratne: A fitness icon in the making

Randy began his love for combat sport at the tender age of 10, inspired by his father, a brown belt in the discipline of...

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