Australian Sports Physio Nafyn Pattiarachchi partners with TASS

Physiotherapist of Perth Glory Football Club, Australia-  Nafyn Pattiarachchi talks to on sports science and the current difficulties Lankan athletes face and how he and TASS is planning to tackle those step by step.

Zumba Shine 05

The biggest indoor fitness program in Sri Lanka hosted by Priyadharshan Ramasamy & Zumba Sri Lanka team ended successfully at BMICH last Saturday. Over 1000 people attended the event.

The Lean Body Concept or the Ripped Beast Madness

The principles of building a lean body and adding muscle mass is simple to understand, but this goal cannot be achieved overnight. If you want a lean toned body with good muscle definition and spectacular six pack abs it...

SpinFit Sundown 2017 Registration

Come join a fun filled day with Spinfit Sundown. By registering you're becoming a part of the Re-wheel project by Spinner in partnership with ThePapare. A project to give a bicycle to kids who cannot afford one. Loading...

Go KETO: The first ever KETO Boot Camp?

The first of its kind in the island, Sandwich Factory in partnership with and fueled by ThePapare Health is in a mission to change the Sri Lankan fitness industry with KETO power. GO KETO Boot Camp will expand...

Go KETO: What are the benefits of the KETO diet?

One of the main benefits is that it gives you a clean energy process to smoothen your workout. Learn the full list of benefits with Isuru Fonseka- Co-founder

Go KETO: What does it mean to ‘Achieve Ketosis’?

It’s all about the Ketones produced by your liver and more actually. Learn the full story with Natasha Fonseka- Co-founder

Go KETO: What is a KETO Diet?

Learn what’s so special about this new wave making diet with Isuru Fonseka- Co-founder

Go KETO: Success Story

The Sandwich Factory Colombo, founder Hisham Cader shares his KETO diet experience with ThePapare Health. Q1: What made you start the KETO diet program?   Q2: What was your first week of KETO like?   Q3: What was it like by the second week?
ThePapare Health Segmentsvideo

ThePapare Health: Workout Right with – Agility Ladder

After one month vacation, your favorite fitness duo is back with another exciting set of workouts. Watch this episode for agility ladder exercises. WATCH - More Videos on ThePapare Health Segment

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