MAS Unichela & DIMO through to semi-finals

The last two semi-final slots of the 25th Singer - MCA Premier League T20 Tournament were decided today(16), with Teejay Lanka and LB Finance...

The Mankad, against the ‘Spirit of the Game’?

Possibly the most contentious mode of dismissal in the game of Cricket, the Mankad is a maneuver that will be easier for bowlers to...
Lasith Malinga

ලසිත් මාලිංග දඟපන්දු යවන්නෙක්?

වෙළඳසේවා ක්‍රිකට් තරගාවලියේ අවසන් මහා තරගය, ටීජේ ලංකා සමාගම හා එල්. බී ෆිනෑන්ස් කණ්ඩායම අතර පසුගිය 29 වැනිදා වෙළඳසේවා ක්‍රිකට් පිටියේ දී පැවැත්විය. එහි...

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Fixtures – Division A

NoDateTeam 1Team 2ResultVenue
110.09.2016DimoMAS ActiveDimo won by 6 wicketsFTZ Katunayake
210.09.2016Sampath BankTextured JerseySampath Bank won by 6 wicketsSurrey Village
311.09.2016MAS UnichelaH.N.BMAS Unichela won by 167 runsP.Sara Oval
411.09.2016Commercial CreditJohn KeellsCommercial Credit won by 4 wicketsMoratuwa Stadium
514.09.2016Sampath BankCommercial CreditSampath Bank won by 47 runsP.Sara Oval
614.09.2016DimoJohn KeellsJohn Keells won by 54 runsMCA
714.09.2016H.N.BTextured JerseyTextured Jersey won by 122 runsFTZ Katunayake
814.09.2016MAS ActiveMAS UnichelaMAS Unichela won by 10 runsNCC
917.09.2016Textured JerseyDimoDimo won by 7 wicketsFTZ Katunayake
1017.09.2016Commercial CreditMAS ActiveCommercial Credit won by 8 wicketsSurrey Village
1118.09.2016John KeellsH.N.BJohn Keells won by 8 wicketsSurrey Village
1218.09.2016MAS UnichelaSampath BankMAS Unichela won by 3 wicketsFTZ Katunayake
1321.09.2016Textured JerseyMAS UnichelaMAS Unichela won by 1 wicketsColts
1421.09.2016Sampath BankDimoDimo won by 3 wicketsMoratuwa Stadium
1521.09.2016MAS ActiveJohn KeellsJohn Keells won by 2 wicketsFTZ Katunayake
1621.09.2016H.N.BCommercial CreditCommercial Credit won by 87 runsNCC
1724.09.2016MAS UnichelaCommercial CreditMAS Unichela won by 6 wicketsColts
1824.09.2016MAS ActiveSampath BankSampath Bank won by 36 runsMoratuwa Stadium
1925.09.2016Textured JerseyJohn KeellsJohn Keells won by 6 wicketsP.Sara Oval
2025.09.2016DimoH.N.BHNB won by 1 wicketsMoratuwa Stadium
2128.09.2016Sampath BankH.N.BSampath Bank won by 45 runs (D/L method)Colts
2228.09.2016MAS ActiveTextured JerseyTextured Jersey won by 211 runsP.Sara Oval
2328.09.2016John KeellsMAS UnichelaJohn Keells won by 2 wicketsMoratuwa Stadium
2428.09.2016DimoCommercial CreditCommercial Credit won by 5 wicketsFTZ Katunayake
2501.10.2016MAS UnichelaDimoMAS Unichela won by 4 wicketsP.Sara Oval
2601.10.2016John KeellsSampath BankJohn Keells won by 5 wicketsFTZ Katunayake
2701.10.2016H.N.BMAS ActiveHNB won by 3 wicketsColts
2801.10.2016Commercial CreditTextured JerseyCommercial Credit won by 6 wicketsMoratuwa Stadium

Fixtures – Division B

NoDateTeam 1Team 2ResultVenue
127.08.2016Hayley's Group "A"PABC "A"Hayleys won by 5 wicketsMoratuwa
227.08.2016John Keells "B"Kanrich Finance "A"Kanrich Finance won by 57 runsFTZ
328.08.2016Commercial Bank"A"Mobitel "A"Mobitel won by 161 runsMoratuwa
428.08.2016Seylan BankLB Finance"A"LB Finance won by 4 wicketsFTZ
531.08.2016LB Finance"A"Hayley's Group "A"LB Finance beat Hayleys by 177 runsP.Sara Oval
631.08.2016Mobitel "A"John Keells "B"John Keells "B" beat Mobitel by 2 wicketsNCC
703.09.2016PABC "A"Seylan BankSeylan Bank beat PABC by 5 wicketsFTZ
803.09.2016Kanrich Finance "A"Commercial Bank "A"Kanrich Finance beat Commercial bank by 6 wicketsMCA
903.09.2016MAS Silueta "A"LB Finance"A"LB Finance beat MAS Silueta by 63 runsSurrey Village
1003.09.2016Singer "A"John Keells "B"JKH ‘B’ beat Singer Sri Lanka by 5 runsMattegoda Army
1107.09.2016John Keells "B"Commercial Bank "A"John Keells "B" won by 3 wicketsMoratuwa
1207.09.2016Hayley's Group "A"MAS Silueta "AMAS beat Hayleys by 84 RunsMattegoda Army
1307.09.2016Mobitel "A"Singer "A"Mobitel beat Singer Sri Lanka by 94 runsMCA
1410.09.2016PABC "A"MAS Silueta "AMAS Silueta beat PABC by 90 RunsMCA
1510.09.2016Kanrich Finance "A"Mobitel "A"Kanrich Finance beat Mobitel by 54 runsMoratuwa
1611.09.2016Commercial Bank"Singer "A"Singer "A" won by 4 wicketsFTZ
1711.09.2016LB Finance"A"PABC "A"LB Finance beat PABC by 199 RunsMattegoda Army
1811.09.2016Seylan BankHayley's Group "A"Hayleys beat Seylan Bank by 85 runsMCA
1914.09.2016MAS Silueta "A"Seylan BankMAS Silueta "A" won by 3 wicketsSurrey Village
2014.09.2016Singer "A"Kanrich Finance "A"Kanrich Finance won by 3 wicketsMoratuwa