Sri Lanka Rugby unite for Chandrishan Perera

Colombo v Outstation origin clash!


The entire Sri Lanka Rugby community will come together on the 9th of April 2019 for a greater cause for a legend in the sport, Chandrishan Perera with the Colombo Origins v Outstation Origins clash.

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One of the revered individuals in the sport of rugby, the name Chandrishan Perera is synonymous to rugby in Sri Lanka. A one time national represent, Chandrishan has played many roles in shaping the country’s rugby as an executive director, chairman of selectors and as the coach of the women’s team.

Six months ago, he was diagnosed with Parkinsons which makes him confined to a wheelchair in a twist of unfortunate events. Thereby, in support of the long-serving ambassador of Sri Lanka Rugby(SLR), the national body has organized a charity game tagged as the ‘Colombo Origins v Outstation Origins rugby encounter.

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“The idea came to us from our Executive Director of rugby Rohan Gunaratne and Chairman of Selectors Rohan Abeykoon to organize something of this nature to help one of our great legends who’s played, captained, being an administrator, been a chairman of selectors all of that.” added SLR Vice President Nazeem Mohammed

“Coming to the event, I am very happy to say that there are good responses from the corporates, to name a few, Dialog, Expolanka and MAS. The Minister of Sports has also been very generous and will be the chief guest for the event”

The game is scheduled to be a selection trial for the national squad ahead of the Asia Division I Championship that is set to be played end of May.

The two sides that consist of 25 players each will later be shortlisted into a national pool of 33-members.

Former Sri Lanka national cricketer and former ICC match umpire Roshan Mahanama has also shown his support in this endeavour.

Speaking at the press briefing, Mahanama added about the service Perera has rendered to the country’s cricket.

Roshan Mahanama at the press briefing

“(Chandrishan)Shan has been a strength not only to me but to the cricket fraternity. During an era where we did not have people supporting, guiding us in terms of physical fitness, Shan came and I think he did it free of charge”

The game will commence at 6.00pm and be played under lights at Havelock Park on the 9th of April 2019 and SLR has opened the doors for all free of charge.

“We will not charge an entry fee but there will be a special souvenir given to the people so that they can donate” Mohammed further added. implores the rugby community to flock in numbers to the Havelock Park on the 9th and help support and celebrate the legend, a true hero of Sri Lanka Rugby.

Donations will be accepted at the grounds.