Super Sun disqualified & demoted

Dialog Champions League 2018

Super Sun SC disqualified and demoted from the Dialog Champions League by FFSL

The Football Federation of Sri Lanka (FFSL) has taken swift and strict action against Super Sun SC for leaving the field of play prior to the completion of their Dialog Champions League match against Renown SC.

The press release from the Football Federation of Sri Lanka stated;

Super Sun SC showed some unsporting and unruly behavior during the DCL game against Renown SC on 27th Sunday, January 2019 at Sugathadasa Stadium which turned out to be a mass confrontation.

The Super Sun Team left the field of play prior to the completion of the game which is a violation of the competition regulations.

Video: “මට ගහන්න ආවා match commissioner” – ජෝර්ජ්

It was reported by the match officials reports and adequate video evidences that some of the players and officials have committed multiple offences.

1. Involvement of Players and Club Officials in the incident

The following players and officials were reported and proved to be involved in multiple offences such as provoking, attempt to assault the match officials, using abusive language, threating and instigating misconduct involving more than one person.

Thereby – the following players and officials shall remain provisionally suspended from football and football management in all involvement till further notice. Individual sanctions for each of these individuals will be released in due course by the FFSL.

  1. Mr. M.S.M. Riswan – President / Chairman – Super Sun SC (Official)
  2. Mr. M. Ramzan – Joint Secretary – Super Sun SC – (Official)
  3. Mr. V. Augustine – Head Coach – Super Sun SC – (Official)
  4. Mr. N.I.M. Rishan – Goal Keeper Coach – Super Sun SC – (Official)
  5. Mr. T.T. Oluwatosin Daniel – (Player)
  6. Mr. M.N. Mohamed Mubashir – (GK/ Player)
  7. Mr. M.S.M. Asath – (Player)
  8. Mr. M.F.M. Rifkhan – (Player)
  9. Mr. T. Mohamed Harfan – (Player)
  10. Mr. M.F.M. Fasan – (Player)

2. Incident involving the Super Sun Club

In the 70th minute of the game, some players and officials were involved in disputing a decision (claiming to be an offside) with the match officials which further turned out to be a mass confrontation.

Photos: Renown SC v Super Sun SC | Week 13 | Dialog Champions League 2018

With the involvement of the above said individuals whose names are mentioned in item 1, the entire team of Super Sun players and officials left the field of play, refusing to take part in the game any further.

This willful action of Super Sun SC not only violated the spirit of the game but also violates the article 8.1.3 and 8.1.4 of Dialog Champions League Competition Regulations. Thereby, Super Sun SC is considered to have withdrawn from the competition after its commencement.

Therefore, the Competition Committee has decided to impose the following decisions in accordance with the competition regulation.

Video: “විනිසුරුවන් ඉතා පහත්; match corruption යන්න තියෙනවා” – රම්සාන්

Super Sun SC is hereby;

  1. Disqualified from taking part in any further matches in the ongoing Dialog Champions League 2018 and shall be disqualified for the next two editions of DCL (i.e: 2019 and 2020) in accordance with article 8.2. (c)
  2. has all its matches cancelled and considered null and void. For the avoidance of doubt, all points and goals in those matches shall not be taken into consideration when determining the final rankings. [(Art. 8.2 (a)]
  3. be disqualified from taking part in any tournament other than FA cup and Division-2, and Super Sun SC shall start competition from Division-2 and progress further (Art. 8.2. d)
  4. ordered to return FFSL subsidy of Rs. 200,000/- within 30 days and any further subsidies are forfeited.

FFSL further condemns the unruly and unsporting behaviour of the Super Sun SC which brought great disrepute to the game of football.

These decisions are applicable with immediate effect and Super Sun are have been advised to comply with above sanctions.