Sri Lanka who fielded their top team in the recently concluded Shanghai sevens failed to impress yet again. They finished their campaign in the cup quarter finals losing to a well oiled Korean unit who eventually ended up winning...

At one point the rugby circuit was dominated by a group of elite clubs which fed a lot of players to the national pool. With the start of a new decade the emergence of a new trend has come...

With the conclusion of the Interschool division rugby league, once again controversy struck.

With coaches yelling instructions from the sidelines, anxious parents with tears of pride in the crowds, friends and family cheering from home, fans screaming from the stands and the eyes of the world on them;

Jamaica's Usain Bolt proved once again that he is the fastest human being on the planet. drove intensely for answers from the Sri Lanka Schools Rugby Football Association regarding the recent fiasco with regard to Vidyartha College along with other schools from lower divisions being found guilty of falsifying identity and fielding an overage player and the subsequent revelations being instrumental in grabbing the awarded Schools rugby league from Trinity and awarding it to Isipathana.

American Swimmer Micheal Phelps created history earlier today when he became the first person to have won 19 Olympic medals in his career.

The 30th Olympiad being worked off in London at the moment has promised to be one of the most entertaining competitions in sporting History.

The Sri Lanka Rugby Football Union is being driven further into the doldrums with upheaval after upheaval hitting them square in the face. Even though the governing body of Sri Lanka’s much loved sport has been inundated with controversies for a while, the crisis is undoubtedly deepening.

The Carlton Super Sevens, a ground-breaking concept for sevens rugby in Sri Lanka and for the world, proved over the last two weeks to be a roaring success.