Fixture and Results – Super 8

Week 1Team 1S1S2Team 2Kick offVenueReportReplay
31.10.15Air Force 14Colombo FC3.00PMSugathadasa Stadium Report Replay
31.10.15Renown 40Java Lane5.00PMSugathadasa StadiumReport Replay
01.11.15Crystal Palace 22Navy3.00PMSugathadasa StadiumReportReplay 
01.11.15Army20Blue Star5.00PMSugathadasa StadiumReport Replay
Week 2        
07.11.15Colombo FC 52Crystal Palace3.00PMSugathadasa Stadium Report Replay
07.11.15Blue Star 23Renown5.00PMSugathadasa Stadium Report Replay
08.11.15Java Lane 1 4Army3.00PMSugathadasa Stadium Report Replay
08.11.15Air Force 12Navy5.00PMSugathadasa Stadium Report Replay
Week 3        
13.11.15Army 11Air Force3.00pmSugathadasa Stadium ReportReplay 
13.11.15Navy 21Java Lane5.00pmSugathadasa Stadium ReportReplay 
14.11.15Crystal Palace 02Renown3.00pmSugathadasa Stadium Report Replay
14.11.15Colombo FC 31Blue Star5.00pmSugathadasa Stadium Report Replay
Week 4        
21.11.15Navy SC 0  0Blue Star3.00pmSugathadasa StadiumReport Replay
21.11.15Crystal Palace 2  2Army5.00pmSugathadasa Stadium Replay
22.11.15Renown 0Air Force3.00pmSugathadasa StadiumReport  Replay
22.11.15Java Lane 0  3Colombo FC5.00pmSugathadasa StadiumReport  Replay
Week 5         
28.11.15Army 1Navy3.00pmSugathadasa Stadium Report Replay
28.11.15Crystal Palace 2Blue Star5.00pmSugathadasa Stadium Report Replay
29.11.15Air Force 0Java Lane3.00pmSugathadasa Stadium Report Replay
29.11.15Renown 2 1Colombo FC5.00pmSugathadasa Stadium ReportReplay 
Week 6         
01.12.15 Java Lane 1 2Crystal Palace3.00pmCR&FC Report Replay
01.12.15 Blue StarAir Force SC3.00pmTBC
02.12.15Navy SC Colombo FC3.00pmSugathadasa Stadium  
02.12.15Army SC  1Renown5.00pmSugathadasa Stadium Report Replay
Week 7         
04.12.15Air Force SC1 2Crystal Palace3.00pmSugathadasa Stadium ReportReplay 
04.12.15Blue Star 1Java Lane5.00pmSugathadasa StadiumReport  Replay
 05.12.15 Renown SC 54 Navy SC 4.00pm Race course Report Replay
 05.12.15 Colombo FC Army SC 6.30pm Race course Report Replay

Points Table – Super 8

Col. FC74201771017
Air Force7223810-210
Blue Star7043711-42
Java Lane7 016 417-13 1


Fixture and Results – Group Stage

Week 1Team 1S1S2Team 2Kick offVenueReportReplay
26.07.15SL Police SC 43Solid SC3.30PMPolice Park Report Replay
25.07.15Saunders SC 00Up Country Lions3.30PMCity Football ComplexReport 
26.07.15Crystal Palace SC 11SL Air Force SC3.30PMJayathilake StadiumReport 
26.07.15Highlanders13Renown SC3.30PMSeevali GroundsReport 
26.07.15Nandimithra SC 30Pelicans SC3.30PMCity Football Complex  
26.07.15New Young’s SC 10Java Lane3.30PMSir Albert F. PeriesReport 
26.07.15SL Navy SC 10Negombo Youth SC3.30PMNavy Ground – WelisaraReport 
25.07.15Super Sun SC 62Matara City SC3.30PMReid Avenue GroundReport 
26.07.15Kalutara Park SC 00Thihariya Youth SC3.30PMVernon FernandoReport 
25.07.15Blue Star SC 02Colombo FC3.30PMReid Avenue GroundReportReplay 
Week 2        
01.08.15Nandimithra SC 10SL Police SC3.30PMKelaniya Complex Report 
01.08.15Pelicans SC 10Renown SC3.30PMSt. Anne’s Ground Report
01.08.15SL Air Force SC 2 1Highlanders3.30PMKatunayake Ground Report 
02.08.15Up Country Lions SC 12Crystal Palace SC3.30PMJayathilake Stadium Report 
01.08.15SL Army SC 10Saunders SC3.30PMMoragasmulla Ground  
01.08.15Java Lane SC  2 0SL Navy SC3.30PMCity Football Complex Report Replay
01.08.15New Young’s SC  03Super Sun SC3.30pmSir Albert F. Peries Report 
02.08.15Thihariya Youth SC 13Negombo Youth SC3.30pmSri Bodhi Ground Report 
02.08.15Colombo FC  10Matara City SC3.30pmCity Football Complex Report 
01.08.15Don Bosco SC 10Kalutara Park SC3.30pmDon Bosco Ground Report 
Week 3        
08.08.15Solid SC 20Saunders SC3.30pmPrison Ground Report 
08.08.15SL Army SC 31Crystal Palace SC3.30pmDiyagama Ground Report 
09.08.15Highlanders 00Up Country Lions3.30pm  Report 
08.08.15SL Air Force SC 31Pelicans SC3.30pmKatunayake Ground Report 
09.08.15Renown SC 10Nandimithra SC3.30pmKelaniya Ground Report 
08.08.15Blue Star SC 00Java Lane SC3.30pmVernon Fernando Report 
08.08.15Matara City SC 02Don Bosco SC3.30pmMatara Ground Report 
09.08.15Colombo FC  60Negombo Youth SC3.30pmCity Football Complex Report Replay
09.08.15Thihariya Youth SC 23New Young’s SC3.30pmSri Bodhi GroundReport 
08.08.15SL Navy SC 2  0Super Sun SC3.30pmNavy Ground Report Replay
Week 4        
15.08.15Pelicans SC  0  2SL Police SC3.30pmSt. Anne’s GroundReport 
15.08.15Highlanders  0  1Nandimithra SC3.30pm Report 
16.08.15Crystal Palace SC 31Renown SC3.30pmJayathilake StadiumReport 
15.08.15SL Air Force SC  0  0Saunders SC3.30pmKatunayake Ground Report  
16.08.15Solid SC01SL Army SC3.30pmPrison Ground  
15.08.15Super Sun SC00Java Lane SC3.30pmVernon Fernando Report Replay
15.08.15Thihariya Youth SC  0  5SL Navy SC3.30pmSri Bodhi Ground Report 
16.08.15Colombo FC22New Young’s SC3.30pmCity Football Complex Report 
16.08.15Negombo Youth SC  3  0Don Bosco SC3.30pmDon Bosco Ground Report 
16.08.15Kalutara Park SC 06Blue Star SC3.30pmVernon Fernando Report Replay
Week 5         
26.08.15SL Police SC 03Army SC3.30pmPolice Park Report Replay
22.08.15Up Country Lions SC 00Solid SC3.30pmJayathilake Stadium Report 
22.08.15Renown SC 00Saunders SC3.30pmKelaniya Complex Report Replay
23.08.15Nandimithra SC 02Crystal Palace SC3.30pmKelaniya Complex Report 
22.08.15Pelicans SC30Highlanders3.30pmSt. Anne’s Ground Report 
23.08.15Java Lane SC20Kalutara Park SC3.30pmCity Football Complex Report 
22.08.15Blue Star SC10Matara City SC3.30pmVernon Fernando Report 
23.08.15New Young’s SC10Don Bosco SC3.30pmSir Albert F. Peries Report 
23.08.15SL Navy SC11Colombo FC3.30pmNavy Ground – Welisara Report Replay
23.08.15Super Sun SC00Thihariya Youth SC3.30pmVernon Fernando  Report 
Week 6         
05.09.15SL Police SC 30Highlanders3.30pmPolice ParkReport
05.09.15Pelicans SC 33Crystal Palace SC3.30pmSt. Anne’s GroundReport 
06.09.15Saunders SC 50Nandimithra SC3.30pmKelaniya complex 
06.09.15Solid SC 21SL Air Force3.30pmPrison GroundReport
05.09.15Up Country Lions SC 03SL Army SC3.30pmJayathilake Stadium  
05.09.15Java Lane SC 10Thihariya Youth SC3.30pmCity Football Ground Report 
06.09.15Colombo FC 21Super Sun SC3.30pmCity Football Ground Report 
06.09.15Don Bosco SC  SL Navy SC3.30pmDon Bosco Ground  
06.09.15Blue Star SC 50Negombo Youth SC3.30pmVernon FernandoReport Replay
05.09.15Matara City SC 23Kalutara Park SC3.30pmMatara GroundReport
Week 7         
12.09.15SL Police SC22Up Country Lions3.30pmPolice ParkReport 
12.09.15SL Army SC12SL Air Force SC3.30pmDiyagama GroundReportReplay
12.09.15Renown SC33Solid SC3.30pmKelaniya ComplexReportReplay
13.09.15Saunders SC62Pelicans SC3.30pmKelaniya ComplexReport 
13.09.15Crystal Palace SC70Highlanders3.30pmJayathilake StadiumReport 
12.09.15Java Lane SC21Matara City SC3.30pmCity Football Report 
12.09.15Negombo Youth SC21Kalutara Park SC3.30pmDon Bosco GroundReport 
13.09.15New Young’s SC00Blue Star SC3.30pmSir Albert F. Peries   
13.09.15Super Sun SC  Don Bosco SC3.30pmVernon Fernando  
13.09.15Thihariya Youth SC16Colombo FC3.30pmSri Bodhi Ground  
Week 8         
19.09.15Crystal Palace SC 22SL Police SC3.30pmJayathilake StadiumReport 
19.09.15Saunders SC21Highlanders3.30pmKelaniya  ComplexReport 
20.09.15Nandimithra SC32Solid SC3.30pmKelaniya Complex  
20.09.15Renown SC11SL Army SC3.30pmCity Football ComplexReport 
20.09.15Up Country Lions SC12SL Air Force SC3.30pmJayathilake StadiumReport 
19.09.15Java Lane SC02Colombo FC3.30pmCity Football GroundReportReplay
19.09.15Don Bosco SC  Thihariya Youth SC3.30pmDon Bosco Ground  
20.09.15SL Navy SC10Blue Star SC3.30pmNavy Ground – WelisaraReportReplay
20.09.15Kalutara Park SC01New Young’s SC3.30pmVernon Fernando   
20.09.15Matara City SC03Negombo Youth SC3.30pmMatara Ground  
Week 9        
26.09.15SL Air Force SC10Police SC3.30pmKatunayake Groud  
26.09.15Up Country Lions SC01Renown SC3.30pmJayathilake StadiumReport 
27.09.15SL Army SC50Nandimithra SC3.30pmDiyagama GroundReport 
27.09.15Solid SC31Pelicans SC3.30pmPrison Ground  
27.09.15Crystal Palace SC31Saunders SC3.30pmJayathilake StadiumReport 
26.09.15Negombo Youth 3 2Java Lane SC3.30pmDon Bosco Ground Report 
26.09.15New Young’s SC2 1Matara City SC3.30pmSir Albert F. Peries  
26.09.15Kalutara Park SC15Navy SC3.30pmVernon Fernando   
27.09.15Blue Star SC20Super Sun SC3.30pmVernon Fernando Report
27.09.15Colombo FC  Don Bosco SC3.30pmCity Football Complex  
Week 10        
03.10.15Saunders SC 21SL Police SC3.30pmKelaniya Football Report 
03.10.15Highlanders04Solid SC3.30pm Seewali Ground Report 
04.10.15SL Army SC41Pelicans SC3.30pmDiyagama Ground  
04.10.15Nandimithra SC 01Up Country Lions3.30pmKelaniya Complex  
04.10.15Renown SC 2 2SL Air Force SC3.30pmKelaniya ComplexReport  
03.10.15Don Bosco SC  Java Lane SC3.30pmDon Bosco Ground  
03.10.15Thihariya Youth SC04Blue Star SC3.30pmSri Bodhi Ground  
03.10.15Super Sun SC 2 0Kalutara Park SC3.30pmVernon Fernando  
04.10.15Matara City SC 10SL Navy SC3.30pmMatara GroundReport  
04.10.15Negombo Youth SC22New Young’s SC3.30pmDon Bosco GroundReport 
Week 11        
10.10.15SL Police SC 4 2Renown SC3.30pmPolice Park Report 
10.10.15SL Air Force SC 0 0Nandimithra SC3.30pmKatunayake Ground  
11.10.15Pelicans SC 2 1Up Country Lions3.30pmSt. Anne’s Ground  
11.10.15Highlanders 0 4SL Army SC3.30pm Seewali Ground Report 
10.10.15Solid SC 2 2Crystal Palace SC3.30pmPrison Ground  
11.10.15Don Bosco SC  Blue Star SC3.30pmDon Bosco Ground  
10.10.15Kalutara Park SC 0 5Colombo FC3.30pmFernando Stadium  
10.10.15Matara City SC 32Thihariya Youth SC3.30pmMatara Ground  
11.10.15Negombo Youth SC 4 1Super Sun SC3.30pmDon Bosco Ground  
10.10.15Navy SC 05New Young’s SC3.30pmNavy Ground Welisara Report 

* Fixture dates and venues are subjected to change.

Points Table – Group Stage

Air Force SC10631147721
Cry. Palace1054126141219
Solid SC104 332115615
Police SC103251618-211
Up Country Lions10145612-67
Col. FC97202752223
Blue Star SC95221831517
Java Lane SC9522106417
Navy SC95131510516
New Youngs SC94321311215
Negombo Youth94141620-413
Super Sun SC93241312111
Matara City93061117-69
Thihariya Youth9126722-155
Kalutara Park 9018226-241
Don Bosco SC920234-16