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Dambulla records a thrilling victory from the jaws of defeat

U19 Super Provincial Tournament 2019


The 4th match of the U19 Super Provincial Cricket Tournament was held today between Team Galle and Team Dambulla at Rangiri Dambulla International Cricket Stadium.

Squads: U19 Super Provincial Tournament

Team Dambulla vs Team Galle

Dambulla U19 skipper Nipun Dananjaya won the toss and decided to bat first in the crucial fixture and their top order responded well to the challenge as 2 of the top 3 made half centuries.

Supun Sumanarathne and Ravindu Rasantha constructed an excellent century partnership with scores of 56 and 53 respectively. Team Dambulla looked solid at 119-1 and were targeting for a big first innings total after the 21st over but, a flurry of wickets saw them at 4-135.

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All-rounder who bowls off spin from Richmond College, Sandun Mendis and left arm seamer from Mahinda College, Navod Paranavithana were the tormenters to the Team Dambulla middle order as the pair shared 5 wickets among them.

Dunith Wellalage and Ashen Dilhara cleared the lower order of the opposition to restrict them for 223 inside 47 overs.

The reply was slow paced and steady till the 22nd over as Galle were solid at 2 for 79 chasing a lower score of 224. But the next 3 overs which created 3 wickets in a hurry suddenly turned the tables for Team Dambulla as they slotted in command.

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Dunith Wellalage and Pawan Rathnayake tried to rejuvenate the chase with labored knocks of 31 & 54 respectively but departed in crucial moments. The only hope for Galle, Sandun Mendis played an exceptional and gutsy inning of 28-ball 37, but his dismissal in the penultimate over put the nails in the coffin for Galle.

Galle needed 8 runs in the last over, but Ashen Daniels held his nerves to deliver the final over to take his team to a win by 2 runs as Team Dambulla recorded their first triumph of the tournament. 

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Dambulla U19
223/9 (46.2)
Galle U19
221/10 (49.4)
Leshan Amarasinghe c Thevin Amarasinghe b Ashen Dilhara11920122.22
Supun Sumanarathna c & b Navod Paranavithana56796070.89
Ravindu Rasantha lbw b Sandun Mendis53597089.83
Nipun Dananjaya c Thaveesha Abhishek b Sandun Mendis03000.00
Sudeera Weerarathana c Ashen Dilhara b Navod Paranavithana17272062.96
Dineth Jayakody not out29492059.18
Dilum Sudeera run out ()17201085.00
Lakshan Gamage c Pawan Rathnayake b Dunith Wellalage14151093.33
Theventhiran Dinoshan not out680075.00
Ashian Daniel b Dunith Wellalage671085.71
Yasiru Rodrigo b Kavindu Dilhara02000.00
Extras14 (b 4 , lb 2 , nb 0, w 8, pen 0)
Total223/9 (46.2 Overs, RR: 4.81)
Fall of Wickets 1-15 (2.4) Leshan Amarasinghe, 2-119 (21.3) Ravindu Rasantha, 3-119 (21.6) Nipun Dananjaya, 4-135 (25.3) Supun Sumanarathna, 5-161 (33.5) Sudeera Weerarathana, 6-189 (40.1) Dineth Jayakody, 7-205 (42.3) Dilum Sudeera, 8-214 (43.6) Lakshan Gamage, 9-222 (45.5) Ashian Daniel, 10-223 (46.2) Yasiru Rodrigo,
Ashen Dilhara8.203824.63
Jethesh Wasala402807.00
Dunith Wellalage1013823.80
Navod Paranavithana812923.62
Sandun Mendis1005535.50
Raveen De Silva602904.83

Navod Paranavithana c & b Nipun Dananjaya40834048.19
Chethaka Denuwan c Nipun Dananjaya b Ashian Daniel11132084.62
Thaveesha Abhishek run out ()5121041.67
Thevin Amarasinghe lbw b Dilum Sudeera12310038.71
Pawan Rathnayake c Yasiru Rodrigo b Ashian Daniel54683179.41
Muditha Lakshan c Nipun Dananjaya b Dilum Sudeera671085.71
Dunith Wellalage c Dilum Sudeera b Supun Sumanarathna31503062.00
Sandun Mendis c Nipun Dananjaya b Dilum Sudeera372820132.14
Ashen Dilhara run out ()781087.50
Raveen De Silva c Yasiru Rodrigo b Ashian Daniel120050.00
Jethesh Wasala not out00000.00
Extras17 (b 0 , lb 0 , nb 4, w 13, pen 0)
Total221/10 (49.4 Overs, RR: 4.45)
Fall of Wickets 1-15 (4.5) Chethaka Denuwan, 2-37 (10.1) Thaveesha Abhishek, 3-79 (22.5) Thevin Amarasinghe, 4-79 (23.1) Navod Paranavithana, 5-86 (24.6) Muditha Lakshan, 6-147 (40.3) Dunith Wellalage, 7-210 (47.4) Pawan Rathnayake, 8-212 (48.1) Sandun Mendis, 9-49 (49.1) Raveen De Silva, 10-221 (49.4) Ashen Dilhara,
Ashian Daniel9.405035.32
Yasiru Rodrigo603005.00
Sudeera Weerarathana1002702.70
Nipun Dananjaya1013713.70
Dilum Sudeera1015335.30
Supun Sumanarathna402416.00

Points table after today’s fixtures

Colombo U19220102.42
Kandy U192114-0.62
Dambulla U192114-1.45
Galle U192020-0.35


Next match will be played tomorrow (20) at the same ground between Team Colombo who already qualified for the finals and Team Galle who desperately needs a win to make the top 2. Watch Live action on ThePapare.com, Dialog Television Channel No.77 and Dialog MyTV from 9.30am onwards.

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