The Boy Who Can Fly: Armand Duplantis Soars to New Heights

Diamond League 2024

Armand Duplantis

Imagine launching yourself over a bar nearly twice your height! That’s exactly what Armand Duplantis, also known as “Mondo,” does for a living. This incredible athlete isn’t just a pole vaulter; he’s the reigning king of the sport, constantly pushing the boundaries of human ability. 

In April 2024, Duplantis started his outdoor season with a bang, shattering the men’s pole vault world record for the eighth time! This record-breaking feat happened at the Diamond League season opener in Xiamen, China. 

Just a few months earlier, at the Diamond League Final in Eugene, Oregon, Duplantis cleared an impressive 6.23 meters. But in Xiamen “This is my first time in China and it’s exciting to get my season going,” said Duplantis surprised everyone, including himself, by soaring over a staggering 6.24 meters on his very first attempt!  

Armand DuplantisDuplantis isn’t just focused on breaking records; he’s driven to be the best.  Already an Olympic, European, and two-time world champion (both indoor and outdoor), he possesses a champion’s mentality. 

Even after setting a new world record, Duplantis believes there’s more to achieve. “I think there are still higher heights in me,” he declared after his record-breaking jump. 

His winning margin was 42cm, USA’s two-time world champion Sam Kendricks taking second place with 5.82m, said Duplantis has got “God’s hand on his back.” 

“I’ve been a champion before, Mondo has been my vice-champion. I’ve seen him from a 14-year-old come all the way up and it makes me actually ever joyous to be even just second place behind the world record holder because I know he works so darned hard, he goes all over the place and he’s becoming the true champion we all want him to be.”  

Armand DuplantisArmand Duplantis is an inspiration to athletes everywhere.  His dedication, talent, and relentless pursuit of improvement make him a true champion and a must-watch for any sports fan. One thing is certain: the boy who can fly has no limits.  

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