Yupun Back to winning ways after the injury break

Florence Sprint Festival 2024


Sri Lankan sprinter Yupun Abeykoon started the 2024 season victoriously with his return to the athletic field after a short break.  

Yupun, who participated in the Florence Sprint Festival 2024 held in Italy, won 1st place in the 150m event clocking his 2nd fastest time ever finishing in 15.19 seconds. It is also special that Yupun holds the Asian record for the 150m event by completing it with a time of 15.16 seconds. 

Yupun holds the Sri Lankan records in all three events of 100, 200 and 150 meters. He was injured and missed the opportunity to participate in the World Athletics Championships and the Asian Games  last year. Because of the injury, he was able to participate only in a limited number of events last year and it is a remarkable feat that he was able to perform in the first event after a long break. 

Yupun is the first and only South Asian athlete to finish the 100m event in less than 10 seconds and as the Paris Olympics are to be held this year, his presence among the usual performers is a good sign for Sri Lankan athletics. 

ThePapare congratulates Yupun on the success he brought to Sri Lanka at the dawn of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year and wish Yupun the strength and courage to bring more international victories to Sri Lanka with outstanding performances this year.