Sri Lanka Rugby 7’s set to usher in new 7s talent

Sri Lanka Rugby 7s


Sri Lanka Rugby (SLR) is set to hold its premier rugby sevens competition which was traditionally called the ‘Inter club rugby 7’s’ but has been renamed as ‘Sri Lanka Rugby 7s’ to include a wider player base on the 8th and 9th October at Race course grounds, Colombo.

The revamped competition this year will feature four segments, Men’s Club segment will feature the top division club teams and invitational teams while the Men’s provincial competition will feature the 8 provincial teams.

In a drive to popularize the oval shaped ball gamed with the female population of the country Sri Lanka 7s 2022 will feature two dedicated segments for women’s rugby teams with four club teams competing in the club segment while eight teams will vie for honors in the provincial competition.


Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F Group G
Seg 1 – Men’s Seg 1 – Men’s Seg 2 – Men’s Seg 2 – Men’s Club – Women’s Provincial – Women’s Provincial – Women’s
Police SC Havelocks SC Southern Pro Up C. Planters Navy SC Uva NW – Wayamba
Army SC Air Force SC NCP Wayamba – NW Army SC Southern Sabaragamuwa
CR & FC Navy SC Western Pro Uva Air Force SC Central CR Blues- WP
Navy Blues Western Babarians Sabaragamuwa Blue Whales- EP CR & FC

Sri Lanka Rugby (SLR) President Rizly Ilyas along with the Executive Committee launched the competition and its respective sponsors during a press briefing held in Colombo today (5th).

SLR President Rizly Ilyas thanked the generous sponsor for coming forward to support rugby despite the difficult economic climate the country is currently in and assured that their investment will drive the upliftment of the game in Sri Lanka.

Nippon Paints will be the title sponsor of the competition while Pakistani High Commission, Webex Pay & Prima Kottu Mee coming in as associate partners. Turkish Air Line has joined hands as the official airline partner, Elephant house as the food beverage and ice crem partner while Siddhalepa spray will be the pain relief partner of the event.

Sri Lanka’s #1 Sport’s hub will bring you the action of Sri Lanka Rugby 7s live and exclusively on the 8th and 9th of October from 8.30am onwards from Race course grounds.

Sri Lanka Rugby 7s – Day 01 Match Fixture

Start Time End Time Team   Vs Team  
08.00AM 08.10 AM Uva F1 Vs Central F3
08.10 AM 08.20 AM NW – Wayamba G1 Vs CR Blues- WP G3
08.20AM 08.40 AM Navy SC E1 Vs CR & FC E4
08.40AM 09.00AM Army SC E2 Vs Air Force SC E3
09.00AM 09.20AM Southern Pro C1 Vs Sabaragamuwa C4
09.20AM 09.40AM NCP C2 Vs Western Pro C3
09.40AM 10.00AM Up C. Planters D1 Vs Blue Whales- EP D4
10.00AM 10.20AM Wayamba – NW D2 Vs Uva D3
10.20AM 10.40AM Police SC A1 Vs Navy Blues A4
10.40AM 11.00AM Army SC A2 Vs CR & FC A3
11.00AM 11.20AM Havelocks SC B1 Vs West Barbarians B4
11.20AM 11.40AM Air Force SC B2 Vs Navy SC B3
11.40AM 11.50AM Uva F1 Vs Southern F2
11.50AM 12.00AM NW – Wayamba G1 Vs Sabaragamuwa G2
12.00AM 12.20PM Navy SC E1 VS Air Force SC E3
12.20PM 12.40PM Army SC E2 VS CR & FC E4
12.40PM 01.00PM Southern Pro C1 Vs Western Pro C3
01.00PM 01.20PM NCP C2 Vs Sabaragamuwa C4
01.20PM 01.40PM Up C. Planters D1 Vs Uva D3
01.40PM 02.00PM Wayamba – NW D2 Vs Blue Whales- EP D4
02.00PM 02.20PM Police SC A1 Vs CR & FC A3
02.20PM 02.40PM Army SC A2 Vs Navy Blues A4
02.40PM 03.00PM Havelocks SC B1 Vs Navy SC B3
03.00PM 03.20PM Air Force SC B2 Vs West Barbarians B4
03.20PM 03.40PM Southern Pro C1 Vs NCP C2
03.40PM 04.00PM Western Pro C3 Vs Sabaragamuwa C4
04.00PM 04.20PM Up C. Planters D1 Vs Wayamba – NW D2
04.20PM 04.40PM Uva D3 Vs Blue Whales- EP D4
04.40PM 05.00PM Police SC A1 Vs Army SC A2
05.00PM 05.20 PM CR & FC A3 Vs Navy Blues A4
05.20 PM 05.40PM Havelocks SC B1 Vs Air Force SC B2
05.40PM 06.00PM Navy SC B3 Vs West Barbarians B4
06.00PM 06.10PM Southern F2 Vs Central F3
06.10PM 06.20PM Sabaragamuwa G2 Vs CR Blues- WP G3