SLC Invitational T20 Tournament to Commence on 4th January


The 2019/20 Club Cricket season’s premier T20 tournament, also known as the SLC Invitational T20, will be held from the 4th to the 21st of January 2020.

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26 teams will be a part of the tournament, with Unichela SC being added as a new participant apart from the 25 teams that played the limited overs tournament. Chilaw Marians SC emerged winners in the limited overs edition of this year’s tournament. The in-form champions are sure to make a strong case to lift the title in the T20 tournament too.

>>Dominant Chilaw Marians crowned champions<<

Clubs have been divided into 4 groups, with each team playing 5 or 6 T20 matches before the two table toppers from each group proceed to the quarter finals, followed by the semi-finals and eventually the finals in the 18-day long tournament.

Groups – SLC Invitational T20 Tournament

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Moors SC NCC Army SC CCC
Galle CC Tamil Union C & AC Chilaw MCC Ragama CC
Colts CC Saracens SC Negombo CC Lankan CC
Panadura SC SSC Air Force SC BRC
Badureliya CC Navy SC Kurunegala YCC SLPA SC
Bloomfield C & AC Police SC Kalutara TC Kandy Customs CC
Unichela SC     Nugegoda S & WC

Last year’s edition of the tournament which was called the Major T20 Tournament 2018/19, crowned Moors SC as champions as they clinched a thrilling win by 1-wicket over NCC in the finals.

Schedule – SLC Invitational T20 Tournament

Date Match Venue Time
4-Jan Moors SC Bloomfield C & AC P Sara AM
  Galle CC Badureliya CC   PM
  Colts CC Panadura SC NCC AM
  NCC Police SC   PM
  Tamil Union C & AC Navy SC CCC AM
  Saracens SC SSC   PM
  Army SC Kalutara TC SSC AM
  Chilaw MCC KYCC   PM
  Negombo CC Air Force SC Colts AM
  CCC Customs CC   PM
  Ragama CC SLPA SC MCG Katunayake AM
  Lankan CC BRC   PM
Date Match Venue Time
6-Jan Galle CC Bloomfield C & AC BRC AM
  Moors SC Unichela SC   PM
  NCC Navy SC De Zoysa Moratuwa AM
  Colts CC Badureliya CC PM
  Saracens SC Police SC Colts AM
  Tamil Union C & AC SSC   PM
  Army SC KYCC P Sara AM
  Chilaw MCC Air Force SC PM
  Negombo CC Kalutara TC MCG Katunayake AM
  CCC Nugegoda S & WC   PM
  Ragama CC Customs CC   PM
Date Match Venue Time
8-Jan Moors SC Badureliya CC BRC AM
  Galle CC Panadura SC   PM
  Colts CC Unichela SC P Sara AM
  Tamil Union C & AC Saracens SC MCG Katunayake AM
  Police SC Navy SC   PM
  Air Force SC Army SC CCC AM
  Chilaw MCC Negombo CC   PM
  KYCC Kalutara TC NCC AM
  Ragama CC BRC Colts AM
  Lankan CC Nugegoda S & WC   PM
Date Match Venue Time
10-Jan Moors SC Panadura SC CCC AM
  Galle CC Unichela SC   PM
  NCC Saracens SC MCG Katunayake AM
  Colts CC Bloomfield C & AC   PM
  Police SC Tamil Union C & AC BRC AM
  SSC Navy SC   PM
  Chilaw MCC Kalutara TC Colts AM
  Army SC Negombo CC   PM
  Air Force SC KYCC   PM
  Ragama CC Nugegoda S & WC P Sara AM
  Lankan CC Customs CC   PM
Date Match Venue Time
12-Jan Moors SC Colts CC CCC AM
  Panadura SC Badureliya CC   PM
  NCC Tamil Union C & AC MCG Katunayake AM
  Bloomfield C & AC Unichela SC   PM
  Saracens SC Navy SC BRC AM
  SSC Police SC   PM
  Chilaw MCC Army SC Colts AM
  Negombo CC KYCC   PM
  Air Force SC Kalutara TC SSC AM
  CCC Lankan CC   PM
  BRC SLPA SC De Zoysa Moratuwa AM
  Customs CC Nugegoda S & WC   PM
Date Match Venue Time
14-Jan Ragama CC Lankan CC P Sara AM
  Nugegoda S & WC BRC   PM
  Customs CC SLPA SC De Zoysa Moratuwa AM
  Moors SC Galle CC   PM
  Panadura SC Bloomfield C & AC MCG Katunayake AM
  Badureliya CC Unichela SC   PM
Date Match Venue Time
15-Jan BRC Customs CC P Sara AM
  Ragama CC CCC   PM
  SLPA SC Nugegoda S & WC BRC AM
  Galle CC Colts CC   PM
  Panadura SC Unichela SC MCG Katunayake AM
  Badureliya CC Bloomfield C & AC   PM
Date – 17 Jan Quarter Final Venue Time
QF – 1 A1 – D2 – P Sara AM
QF – 4 D1 –  A2 –    PM
QF – 3 C1 –  B2 –  MCG Katunayake AM
QF – 2 B1 – C2 –    PM
Date – 19 Jan Semi Final Venue Time
SF – 1 QF1 – QF3 –  MCG Katunayake AM
SF – 2 QF2 – QF4 –   PM
Date Final Venue Time
21-Jan     SSC AM


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