Second half SLTB goals steals the win from Great Star


SLTB SC scored two quick goals in the second half as they progressed from the 5th Round of the FA Cup with a 2-1 win against Great Star SC, at the Vernon Fernando Stadium, Kalutara.

SLTB SC who was Pre-Quarter finalists in the previous two FA Cup’s seemed to have things under control for the most part of the match.

SLTB players showed superior talent in ball control and passing. The passes were short and well directed. The through balls however, seemed wayward from time to time. A couple of players from Great Star SC showed some skills, but overall, there was daylight between the two teams.

 Photo Album – Great Star SC v SLTB SC – FA Cup 2016 

Most of the shots in the first half were directed towards the Great Star goal, but none of them seemed to go in.

Against the run of play Great Star SC’s Mohammed Husrath, was able to score a goal, utilizing a rare opportunity presented to them in the 6th minute.

He shot the ball to the lower right hand corner of the goal, deceiving the advancing goalkeeper U.L.S. Darshana. The SLTB goalkeeper Darshana was irresponsible in keeping their goal safe in the first half of the match, which almost cost them a couple more goals if not for the keen awareness of SLTB defenders.

Great Star SC took an aggressive approach after their goal and tried to increase their lead further towards the end of the first half.

Great Star players must have felt that they should increase their lead as the skills from the SLTB players suggested that they could easily come back into the game and win it from there.

Unfortunately for Great Star SC, that was exactly what happened in the second half right after the referee warned Great Star SC’s Mohammed Ishak for stalling.

SLTB SC’s A.L. Dinara and N.P.C. Nadeesha scored two goals in quick succession, in the 52ndminute, flipping the match upside-down.

Great Star Goalkeeper Mohammed Milham was left without any options other than to just watch the ball go in the net towards the right hand corner of the goal.

SLTB SC’s S. Krishanthan showed some good ball control, with some agile and versatile gameplay, playing almost everywhere on the pitch.

SLTB SC kept good positions on the field, by the number of offside given against Great Star SC.