Pelicans SC will take on Moragasmulla SC, last year’s finalists, at Maliyadeva College grounds on the 10th of September in the final of the Premier League Division I 2016.

This could prove to be a cracker of a match as Moragasmulla SC would do well to learn from their previous year’s mistakes, however, Pelicans SC having the home advantage could see them edge the men from Rajagiriya.

Group Stage

Pelicans SC, possessing a goal difference of 7 compared to Moragasmulla’s 10, certainly give the impression of having been a weaker team during the group stages. However, they also conceded the least amount of goals, which shows a greater defensive prowess.

They won 4 of their games and drew 1 of their 7 games while Moragasmulla SC has won 6 of their games, only losing once.

This shows that Moragasmulla SC perhaps the more consistent team of the two.

Regardless of their record, however, both teams topped their respective groups.

Knockout Stages

Both teams handled the knockout stage with ease, with the only close encounters coming in the semi – final stage as both Pelicans SC and Moragasmulla SC had to dig deep as they were 1-0 down in the first half of their respective matches.

Shanmugaraj Sanjeewa proved to be the hero for the Pelicans on that occasion, netting a goal to give the team the attacking advantage.Their second half goals against Red Star proved that Pelicans SC does not go down without a fight, thus making them a worthy contender for the title.

Moragasmulla SC won their semi-finals in the same fashion as Pelicans by bagging three goals in the second half as well.

Furthermore, both teams earned a well-deserved berth in the 2017 Dialog Champions League.

Styles of Play

The Pelicans strategy of a gradual increase of intensity in their matches has certainly enabled them to draw their opponents’ defence out of position, only for the Pelicans to take advantage through their quick passing counter attacks that leave their opponents dumb founded.

Moragasmulla SC, implementing a one touch indirect play in most of their games, may frustrate the Pelicans players to force an error which could lead to them earning the title.

Mahesh Kumar and Dilan Madushanka are players to watch out for as they have been pivotal to many of the build-up plays in the Moragasmulla attack.

At the same time Shanmugaraja Sanjeewa, Chathura Gunarathne and their Pelicans SC team, along with the home support could outsmart their opponents.

Shanmugaraja Sanjeewa being on the score sheet in the quarter finals and semi-finals could prove to be a handful for the Moragasmulla SC defence.

It certainly would be a match to look forward to as both teams have come to this point implementing two different strategies, therefore making it all the more exciting for fans.