Mahinda and Dharmaraja declared U19 Joint Champions

22nd Col Henry Steel Olcott Cricket tournament

Mahinda and Dharmaraja declared U19 Joint Champion

Mahinda College, Galle and Dharmaraja College, Kandy emerged joint champions of the 22nd Col. Henry Steel Olcott School Boys Cricket tournament held yesterday (08th December) at Asgiriya Cricket Stadium in Kandy. 

The 8-team competition features leading Buddhist schools established by Colonel Henry Steel Olcott in Sri Lanka Dharmaraja, Ananda, Mahinda, Nalanda, Dharmasoka, Rahula Dharmapala and Maliyadeva conducted by Col. Henry Steel Olcott Memmorial Sports Foundationa and Dharmaraja College Cricket Foundation, 

Dharmaraja, Nalanda, Dharmapala and Maliyadeva played in group A and Mahinda, Ananda, Dharmasoka and Rahula in group B. 

Unbeaten Dharmaraja College and Nalanda College advanced to the semi finals from group A. Mahinda College and Ananda College advanced to the semi final from group B. 

Dharmaraja College beat Ananda College by 13 runs and Mahinda College beat Nalanda College by 27 runs in the semi finals. 

Match ended without results between Mahinda College and Dharmaraja College Kandy in the final due to bad light and rain. 

  • Player of the tournament – Irusth Gimshan (Ananda) 
  • Best batsman of the tournament – Senuka Dangamua (Mahinda) 
  • Best bowler of the tournament – Deneth Kaushalya (Mahinda) 
  • Best fielder of the tournament – Deneth Kausha;ya (Mahinda)