A Junior Sevens like no other!

Singer U18 Sevens 2019


The juniors are ready to light up the park as the Singer U18 Sevens 2019 is set to take place in the upcoming weekend (17th and 18th) at the Royal College Sports Complex commencing from 8.30am.

Last year, we were able to witness a thrilling final between an experienced St. Peter’s College outfit and their surprising opposition, Vidyartha College, who although played in the B Division, managed to beat the front-runners of the Schools Rugby League and secure a place in the final. However, despite losing to the Peterites, the Tigers managed to win the respect of many and made their statement clear – “never underestimate anybody!”

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This year, with a slight change in the rules and regulations of the tournament, players like Manilka Rubeyru (IC) and Samuel Ogbebor (WC) are eligible to partake in the competition although they are already 18 years of age. In other words, this way allows the 2020 First XV players (2001 born players) to be a part of the tournament. 

Looking at the ‘Pros’ of this change, it intensifies and makes the junior level of rugby all the more competitive and aggressive. And a competitive and intense tournament always attracts a good crowd, which will create the ‘First XV’ like atmosphere even at the U18 stage. 

Taking a preview at the upcoming tournament, teams like Isipathana, Wesley, Vidyartha and St. Peter’s have got the upper-hand ON PAPER, considering the number of experienced players fielding in their sides. 

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However, 33 teams are ready to lock horns in this two-day event which will be played for the Cup, Plate, Bowl and Shield Championships. The teams are categorized into 8 groups where the first 4 groups (A, B, C, D) will play the day 1 at the Racecourse Grounds whilst the second 4 (E,F,G,H) will play at the Royal Complex. 

The teams are grouped as follows: 

 Group – A Group – B Group – C Group – D 
01 St. Peter’s College Isipathana College Wesley College Trinity College 
02 Dharmaraja College S. Thomas’ College St. Anthony’s College Lumbini College 
03 St. Sylvester”s College Piliyandala Central College St. Aloysius’ College Richmond College 
04 Rahula College, Katugastota Prince of Wales College St. John’s College Nalanda College 

The Fixtures for the Day 1 at Racecourse are as follows:

01 9.00 A1 – A4 St. Peter’s College Rahula College, Katugastota 
02 9.20 A2 – A3 Dharmaraja College St. Sylvester”s College 
03 9.40 B1 – B4 Isipathana College Prince of Wales College 
04 10.00 B2 – B3 S. Thomas’ College Piliyandala Central College 
05 10.20 C1 – C4 Wesley College St. John’s College 
06 10.40 C2 – C3 St. Anthony’s College St. Aloysius’ College 
07 11.00 D1 – D4 Trinity College Nalanda College 
08 11.20 D2 – D3 Lumbini College Richmond College 
09 11.40 A1 – A3 St. Peter’s College St. Sylvester”s College 
10 12.00 A2 – A4 Dharmaraja College Rahula College, Katugastota 
11 12.20 B1 – B3 Isipathana College Piliyandala Central College 
12 12.40 B2 – B4 S. Thomas’ College Prince of Wales College 
13 1.00 C1 – C3 Wesley College St. Aloysius’ College 
14 1.20 C2 – C4 St. Anthony’s College St. John’s College 
15 1.40 D1 – D3 Trinity College Richmond College 
16 2.00 D2 – D4 Lumbini College Nalanda College 
17 2.20 A1 – A2 St. Peter’s College Dharmaraja College 
18 2.40 A3 – A4 St. Sylvester”s College Rahula College, Katugastota 
19 3.00 B1 – B2 Isipathana College S. Thomas’ College 
20 3.20 B3 – B4 Piliyandala Central College Prince of Wales College 
21 3.40 C1 – C2 Wesley College St. Anthony’s College 
22 4.00 C3 – C4 St. Aloysius’ College St. John’s College 
23 4.20 D1 – D2 Trinity College Lumbini College 
24 4.40 D3 – D4 Richmond College Nalanda College 
 Group – E Group – F Group – G Group – H 
01Kingswood CollegeRoyal CollegeSt. Joseph’s CollegeVidyartha College
02Science CollegeMaliyadeva CollegeDS Senanayake CollegeZahira College
03Thurstan CollegeSumangala College, KandyMahanama CollegeCWW Kannangara College
04Ananda CollegePiyarathana CollegeEheliyagoda Central CollegeLalith Athulathmudali College
05Moratuwa MV

The Fixtures of the Day 1 at Royal Complex are as follows: 

01 8.40 E1 – E4 Kingswood College Ananda College 
02 9.00 E2 – E3 Science College Thurstan College 
03 9.20 F1 – F4 Royal College Piyarathana College 
04 9.40 F2 – F3 Maliyadeva College Sumangala College, Kandy 
05 10.00 G1 – G4 St. Joseph’s College Eheliyagoda Central College 
06 10.20 G2 – G3 DS Senanayake College Mahanama College 
07 10.40 E5 – E3 Moratuwa MV Thurstan College 
08 11.00 E1 – E2 Kingswood College Science College 
09 11.20 H1 – H4 Vidyartha College Lalith Athulathmudl College 
10 11.40 H2 – H3 Zahira College CWW Kannangara College 
11 12.00 F1 – F3 Royal College Sumangala College, Kandy 
12 12.20 F2 – F4 Maliyadeva College Piyarathana College 
13 12.40 E4 – E2 Ananda College Science College 
14 1.00 E5 – E1 Moratuwa MV Kingswood College 
15 1.20 G1 – G3 St. Joseph’s College Mahanama College 
16 1.40 G2 – G4 DS Senanayake College Eheliyagoda Central College 
17 2.00 H1 – H3 Vidyartha College CWW Kannangara College 
18 2.20 H2 – H4 Zahira College Lalith Athulathmudl College 
19 2.40 E3 – E1 Thurstan College Kingswood College 
20 3.00 E4 – E5 Ananda College Moratuwa MV 
21 3.20 F1 – F2 Royal College Maliyadeva College 
22 3.40 F3 – F4 Sumangala College, Kandy Piyarathana College 
23 4.00 G1 – G2 St. Joseph’s College DS Senanayake College 
24 4.20 G3 – G4 Mahanama College Eheliyagoda Central College 
25 4.40 H1 – H2 Vidyartha College Zahira College 
26 5.00 H3 – H4 CWW Kannangara College Lalith Athulathmudl College 
27 5.20 E2 – E5 Science College Moratuwa MV 
28 5.40 E3 – E4 Thurstan College Ananda College 

The Day 2 of the U18 Sevens will be shown live on www.thepapare.com/live 

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