Inter-district combined Schools Under 20 Hockey fixtures released

Inter- District combined Schools under 20 fixtures

The Sri Lanka Schools Hockey Association [SLSHA] has released the fixtures of the 55th inter-district combined schools under 20 tournament.

The tournament consists of 20 school teams; the boys’ category will feature 13 schools segmented into 4 groups and the top two teams of each group will advance into quarter finals which will take place on the 29th of June 2022, 7 teams will be competing in the girls’ category. The teams have been divided into two categories with the top two teams from each moving into the semi- finals.

All the matches will be played at Astro turf club starting from 27th June 2022. The finals are scheduled to take place on the 30th of June 2022.

Boys’ Category;

Group A Group B
A1 Matale [Gold] B1 Colombo [BLUE]
A2 Gampaha Schools B2 Badulla Schools
A3 Kaluthara Schools B3 Kandy [White]
B4 Matara Schools
Group C Group D
C1 Galle [Gold] D1 Colombo [Red]
C2 Puththalama Schools D2 Kandy [Blue]
C3 Matale [Meroon] D3 Galle [Meroon]

Girls’ Category;

Group A Group B
GA1 Kandy [Blue] GB1 Colombo [Red]
GA2 Colombo [Blue] GB2 Kandy [White]
GA3 Matale [Gold] GB3 Puththalama Schools
GA4 Kaluthara Schools

Day 1 Fixture Card

MN0 TIME Fixture
01 08.30 A.M D1 Colombo [Red] vs D2 Kandy [Blue]
02 09.30 A.M A1 Matale [Gold] vs A2 Gampaha Schools
03 10.30 A.M B1 Colombo [Blue] vs B2 Badulla Schools
04 11.30 A.M B3 Kandy [White] vs B4 Matara Schools
05 12.30 P.M C1 Galle [Gold] vs C2 Puththalama Schools
06 01.30 P.M GB1 Colombo [Red] vs GB3 Puththalama Schools
07 02.30 P.M GA1 Kandy [Blue] vs GA2 Colombo [Blue]
08 03.30 P.M GA3 Matale [Gold] vs GA4 Kaluthara Schools
09 04.30 P.M D1 Colombo [Red] vs D3 Galle [ Meroon]

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