Gateway v Ladies’ inaugural netball encounter

Gateway College v Ladies’ College Netball Encounter

Media Conference | Gateway College v Ladies’ College – Inaugural Netball Encounter 2023

The Inaugural Ladies – Gateway Netball Encounter for the ‘Nirmali Wickremesinghe Challenge Trophy’ will take place on 7th September at the Gateway College Rathmalana Grounds.

The students from one of Sri Lanka’s leading private schools will pit their skills against those from a premier International School which promises to infuse a fresh spirit of friendly competition and camaraderie into the world of schools’ sports.

The focus of the day will be the U20 encounter between the two schools for the ‘Nirmali Wickremesinghe Challenge Trophy’. Additionally, an U15 match will bring together combined teams of the two schools, LC Gateway Blues and LC Gateway Reds, with an emphasis on fostering new friendships.

The event will also feature an exhibition match between Gateway College Kandy and Anula Vidyalaya Nugegoda, further adding to the excitement. Notably, the alumni of both institutions will also take the court to exhibit their netball talents, adding a layer of nostalgia and celebration to the proceedings.


Honoring the occasion as Chief Guest will be Mrs. Nirmali Wickremesinghe, a 3rd generation LCite, who was the Principal of Ladies College for ten years (2003-2013) and who currently serves her 10th year as a Consultant for the Gateway Group of Schools, in whose name this encounter will be played.

Synonymous with both institutions, Mrs. Wickremesinghe’s transformative contributions in enhancing teaching quality and student performance have left an indelible mark on both schools. She is recognised as an educator who transformed the teaching-learning process to be one that is enjoyable to students, while ensuring the holistic development of the child.

She enjoys a fine reputation as an innovative educationist who considers sports to be a vital component of a child’s life. In both schools, she has brought in many new perspectives and best practices to make education even more dynamic by playing a key role in formulating policies, developing curricula, engaging in teacher training, and acting as counsel to the heads.

Photos – Media Conference | Gateway College v Ladies’ College – Inaugural Netball Encounter

The Guest of Honour, Dulangi Wannithilleke, Vice-Captain of the Sri Lanka National Netball Team and recent Player of the Match at the Netball World Cup’s Sri Lanka v Barbados encounter, will also grace the event with her presence.

The festivities will kick off with the opening ceremony at 1pm, followed by the Alumni match at 1.30pm, the exhibition match at 2.30pm, and the U15 match at 3.15pm. The highly anticipated U20 Encounter will commence at 3.50pm.

The organisers confidently predict that this landmark encounter will establish lasting traditions and forge a strong bond between these two esteemed institutions, both on and off the field. This inaugural event marks a significant step forward for schools’ netball, promising an exciting day of competition, unity, and shared growth.

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