The 95th National Athletic Championship organized by the Athletics Association of Sri Lanka (AASL)which spanned over 3 days concluded today (02nd September) at the Diyagama Mahinda Rajapakshe Stadium.

16 finals were worked off on the third and final day of the championship, which closed with the presentation of awards for the overall winners of the 15 challenge trophies that were on offer for the competitors.

pic 00Sri Lankan High jump sensation Manjula Kumara who recorded a height of 2.21m in the Men’s High jump was the big winner as he won the N. Vyravanathan Memorial Challenge Cup awarded to the best overall performance by an individual athlete at the meet for yet another year. He was also adjudged the Best performer in the Men’s category and clinched the Wilton Bartleet Challenge Trophy as well.

pic 001Upamali Rathnakumari of Sri Lanka Army who clocked 53.63secs in the Women’s 400 meters and was adjudged the best individual performer in the women’s events and was awarded the the Colombo Canteen Committee Challenge Cup.

Three New Sri Lanka records were established during the championship in the Heptathlon, Decathlon and the Women’s Pole Vault while 8 new meet records were set during the three day event with one meet record being equaled.

On the third and final day, two new meet records were established in the Women’s Hammer throw and the Women’s Triple Jump while a meet record was equaled in the Men’s Pole vault.

Pic 01 (1)Ayesha Maduwanthi who holds the National record for Hammer throw established a new meet record at the event with a performance of 47.95m while M Amarasinghe who came in second also bettered the previous meet record recording 46.56m.

National record holder VIdusha Lakshani who has ushered a new era to the women’s triple jump event managed to renew the meet record she held since 2015 with a performance of 13.4m.

Ishara Sandaruwan National record holder in the Pole vault equaled his previous meet record with a leap of 5.00m. After clearing 5.00m Sandaruwan attempted clearing 5.12m next in order to go past the national record mark but failed as he kept crashing on the cross bar. Sandaruwan however was a victim of long hours in the hot sun as he had to wait till a plethora of contestants, who started off with the initial mark of 4.00m, finished their jumps. It was past noon when Sandaruwan took his first jump, having reported to the call room at 08.30 in the morning.

In the Men’s Long Jump Dhanushka Liyanapathirana  leapt an impressive distance of 7.97m but was not considered for any records as the wind gauge showed and advantage of +3.4.

95th National Athletics Championships -2017

1.THE DUNCAN WHITE CHALLENGE CUP – awarded to the best male athlete in hurdling events
ALAL Rathnasena SL Air Force 400 m Hurdles 51.05 Sec

2. THE C.C. DISSANAYAKE CHALLENGE TROPHY – awarded to the best male athlete in throwing events.
DS Ranasinghe SL Army Javelin Throw 76.92 m

3. THE N.M. VASAGAM CHALLENGE TROPHY – awarded to best male athlete in jumping events.
WP Manjula Kumara SL Airforce 2.21 m

4. HORLICKS CHALLENGE TROPHY – awarded to the best male athlete in sprints
HM Dilip Ruwan SL Army 400 m 46.66 Sec

5. ANTHONY ABEYSINGHE CHALLENGE TROPHY – awarded to the best athlete in High Jump events.
WP Manjula Kumara SL Air Force 2.21 m

6. CHANDI KANNANGARA MEMORIAL TROPHY – awarded to the best female athlete in sprints.
EWU Rathmakumari SL Army 400 m 53.63 Sec

7. GRAYLINE GROUP CHALLENGE TROPHY – awarded to best female athlete in middle distance races.
GTA Abeyrathna SL Navy 800 m 2:05.69 Sec

8. HUXLEY’S WINTOGENO CHALLENGE TROPHY – awarded to best female athlete in long distance races
UKN Rathnayaka SL Army 3000 m Steeple Chase 10:25.25 Sec

9. GLUCOLIN CHALLENGE TROPHY – awarded to best female athlete in hurdles events
EK Madushani SL Army 400 m Hurdles 1:00.89 Sec

10. HNB CHALLENGE TROPHY – awarded to best female athlete in jumping events
HD Vidusha Lakshani SL Army 13.43 m NMR

11. SALONPAS CHALLENGE TROPHY – awarded to best female athlete in throwing events
WKT Fernando SL Air Force Shot Put 14.52 m

12. GOVERNOR GENERALS CUP – awarded to best male athlete in middle and long distance events
HDMIG Idunil Madushan Herath SL Army 800 m 1:48.83 Sec

13. THE COLOMBO CANTEEN COMMITTEE CHALLENGE CUP – awarded to best female athlete at the meet
EWU Rathmakumari SL Army 400 m 53.63 Sec

14. THE WILTON BARTLEET CHALLENGE TROPHY – awarded to best male athlete at the meet
WP Manjula Kumara SL Air Force 2.21 m

15. N. VYRAVANATHAN MEMORIAL CHALLENGE CUP – awarded to the Athlete whose performance in any individual event is considered the best at the meet (Men & Women)
WP Manjula Kumara SL Air Force 2.21 m


Day 03 – 02nd September, 2017
E: No3015000 MWomenFinal
1697MUMAN PriyadarshaniSL Air Force17:20.4
2672ANL AriyadasaSL Air Force17:31.4
3753SA LamahewageSL Navy17:37.8
4633HMN NandasenaSL Army17:41.0
5692RDHT PryadarshaniSL Air Force17:45.3
6759V KrishanthaniSL Navy17:53.1
7755MANK FernandoSL Navy18:23.7
8662DAS SamanmaliSL Air Force18:49.0
9657WMPRM NadeeshaniSL Air Force18:59.0
10647DPMH MadushikaSL Army19:00.6
E: No302Pole VaultMenFinal
1405MHI SadaruwanSL Air Force5.00* EMR
230HD Chinthaka DineshSL Army4.50
3406LARKK BalasooriyaSL Air Force4.50
4550A PuvitharanJaffna DAA4.40
5116AAMDP AbeykoonSL Army4.20
5118BDDL AriyasingheSL Army4.20
5333KAMP KarunarathnaSL Army4.20
5378AGNDK RanaweeraSL Air Force4.20
955KACP SenarathneSL Army4.20
10481WMJP WeerasingheSL Navy4.00
E: No303100 M HurdlesWomenFinal
1629WVl SugandiSL Army14.36-0.7
2600HWK HapuarachchiSL Army15.25
3677DP MohottalaSL Air Force15.27
4780NGPR GunathilakaRatnepura DAA15.47
5768JG Kalani GayaththriHambantota DAA15.71
6683PKSU MadushaniSL Air Force16.17
7684HGRM ThilakasiriSL Air Force16.32
8634RS ShanikaSL Army16.54
9609AWA AnupamaSL Army18.84
E: No304110 M HurdlesMenFinal
1470KPH NirmalSL Navy14.48(+0.0)
239MR Woshim IlhamSL Army14.57
3495AASS AmarathungaSL Navy14.57
4318KWS RandeewaSL Army14.79
5400KRI PereraSL Air Force14.89
6134EPE Hasitha KumaraSL Army15.09
725KAD Ranga KalumSL Army15.20
8204KDD AriyarathnaSL Army15.27
E: No305Hammer ThrowWomenFinal
1665PKAA  MaduwanthiSL Air Force47.95*NMR
2616AWASM AmarasingheSL Army46.56*BPR
3670HAA LakshikaSL Air Force44.09 
4642WMSN RathnasiriSL Army38.78
5660GF HassimSL Air Force38.27
6663JMI SandamaliSL Air Force37.66
E: No306Triple JumpWomenFinal
1654HDV LakshaniSL Army13.43*NMR – 0.2
2679KAS DulanjaliSL Air Force13.21+0.9
3680KAT LakshaniSL Air Force12.40+0.1
4664DVCM ThilakarathneSL Air Force12.40+0.1
5602WMNU WanasingheSL Army11.82+0.1
6728MG Nirmala KulasooriyaGovernment services11.75-0.1
E: No307800 MMenHeatNo 1
146HEMIG Indunil Madushan HerathSL Army1:50.51
2161WNSK WedagedaraSL Army1:52.04
374AML De SoysaSL Army1:53.28
471DMD JanithkrishanSL Army1:54.26
5202WTT PereraSL Army1:54.31
6376GV UdayangaSL Air Force1:55.53
E: No307800 MMenHeatNo 2
1246GR ChathurangaSL Army1:52.79
2392KGAP AmarasiriSL Air Force1:53.52
375WAD KumaraSL Army1:53.84
4386KGM MihirangaSL Air Force1:54.18
5517RP Irusha LakshanPuttalam DAA1:57.05
65HYS RatnayakeSL Army1:58.21
E: No307800 MMenHeatNo 3
16MK Kupun KushanSL Army1:51.57
2165HKT FonsekaSL Army1:51.81
3320PAL PerisSL Army1:53.68
470MDMP SaparamaduSL Army1:53.82
573AMT DeshapriyaSL Army1:56.07
6377PWG SanjeewaSL Air Force1:56.55
7262SDYS WijethungaSL Army1:57.23
872WRMUSC GunathilakaSL Army1:58.83
E: No308200 MMenSemi FinalNo 1
151HSS KumaraSL Army21.40nw
2252MGA PremakumaraSL Army21.44
344HK Kalinga KumarageSL Army21.66
4175KSL WickramasingheSL Army21.83
5251WPDK WijerathnaSL Army21.83
6444RGDN KarunarathneTrack Master SC22.22
7445L Padma NeththikumaraUnattached22.36
E: No308200 MMenSemi FinalNo 2
1254HM Dilip RuwanSL Army21.47nw
245ARM RajaskanSL Army21.73
320Mohammad Fazil UdayarSL Army21.87
4450PMWG Tharusha DananjayaSchools AA22.07
513HHKN Sandamal De SilvaSL Army22.17
6319WTM GayanathSL Army22.50
794HAS Sampath KumaraSL Army22.87
340DMAP DisanayakeSL ArmyDQ
E: No309Javelin ThrowMenFinal
1228DS RanasingheSL Army76.92
2115KKCS PadmasiriSL Army66.51
3473DMSS DissanayakeSL Navy66.11
4114WBRM FernandoSL Army66.05
5371RMSK RajapakshaSL Air Force65.92
6322KGH PramodSL Army64.13
7148PAP LakmalSL Army60.08
8326DP Chamara Padma KumaraSL Army60.01
E: No310High JumpWomenFinal
1752DK RanasingheSL Navy1.76
2706SMM MadushaniSL Air Force1.65
3669SBWSSAWSM SooriyampolaSL Air Force1.60
E: No311Long JumpMenFinal
1368DM LiyanapathiranaSL Air Force7.97+3.4
2561G.K.Danushka Sandaruwan PiyarathnaSL Universities7.84+2.1
340MIM MifranSL Army7.72+2.5
417L Sreshan DananjayaSL Army7.71+0.7
5121JHG SampathSL Army7.56+1.5
6343DAGJP WimalasiriSL Army7.55+0.7
753URRB RajapakshaSL Army7.55+1.0
8126SPP SamaraweeraSL Army7.50+2.0
E: No312400 M HurdlesWomenFinal
1617EK MadushaniSL Army1:00.89
2668NDGN LakmaliSL Air Force1:00.95
3618GAS DulaniSL Army1:01.04
4689WAS DilrukshiSL Air Force1:04.60
5772APMS Kaushalya AbynayakeUnattached1:05.18
6758WHM FernandoSL Navy1:06.17
7631KAN HansaniSL Army1:07.60
8720HAM HerathGovernment services1:11.50
E: No313400 M HurdlesMenFinal
1359ALAI RathnasenaSL Air Force51.05
241SM Aravinda ChathurangaSL Army51.51
316AL Asitha Tharanga RathnasenaSL Army52.20
4469PMPL KodikaraSchools AA53.03
5497NDK VidurangaSL Army53.06
6178KAR MadushanSL Army53.84
7534M Sachendra RameshLanka Lions SC54.07
8502RMN RathnayakeSL Army54.53
E: No314200 MWomenFinal
1773RMR Kumari RatnayakeKagalle DAA24.40+1.2
2686SL VidanadurugeSL Air Force24.79
3626MGRS FerdinadasSL Army24.86
4627MASS JayathilakaSL Army25.01
5745MO UdayanganiUnattached25.07
6611DGKS JayasingheSL Army25.84
E: No315200 MMenFinal
1254HM Dilip RuwanSL Army21.49+1.4
251HSS KumaraSL Army21.50
344HK Kalinga KumarageSL Army21.52
445ARM RajaskanSL Army21.71
5252MGA PremakumaraSL Army21.89
620Mohammad Fazil UdayarSL Army21.99
7175KSL WickramasingheSL Army22.00
8251WPDK WijerathnaSL Army22.10
E: No316800 MWomenFinal
1751GTA AberathneSL Navy2:05.69
2610NMC DilrukshiSL Army2:07.25
3620R NadeeshaSL Army2:13.61
4712KAD SandakanthiSL Air Force2:16.35
5771MD Achini SewandiUnattached2:33.12
E: No317800 MMenFinal
146HEMIG Indunil Madushan HerathSL Army1:48.83
26MK Kupun KushanSL Army1:49.96
3246GR ChathurangaSL Army1:50.37
4165HKT FonsekaSL Army1:51.12
574AML De SoysaSL Army1:53.87
6392KGAP AmarasiriSL Air Force1:54.64
7320PAL PerisSL Army1:57.25
E: No3185000 MMenFinal
1394AK TharangaSL Air Force14:43.43
2245GMSR WijewickramaSL Army14:58.91
348DL SamarajeewaSL Army15:09.59
4187KGR Saman KumaraSL Army15:15.46
5199WMNG AberathnaSL Army15:17.01
6108SAAL SrimannaSL Army15:20.27
7207KAM WijerathnaSL Army15:41.30
8532K KannaseakaraLanka Lions SC15:43.90
9143BA SandaruwanSL Army15:49.65
10433MDK WijerathnaGovernment services16:00.57