Colombo Colts Cricket Club celebrates 150th anniversary with exciting lineup of events

150th Anniversary Celebration of Colombo Colts Cricket Club

Colombo Colts Cricket Club celebrates 150th anniversary

The prestigious Colombo Colts Cricket Club, one of Sri Lanka’s oldest Ceylonese Cricket Club and most revered sports institutions, proudly announces the grand celebration of its 150th anniversary. With a rich history and a legacy of excellence, the club has organized a series of events to commemorate this significant milestone.

The highlight of the anniversary celebrations is a thrilling 6-A-Side cricket tournament of men and women that will bring together some of the most prominent cricket teams from across the country. The tournament will occur at the Colombo Colts Cricket Club grounds on June 10 and June 11, 2023. This action-packed tournament will showcase the skills and sportsmanship that have made the Colombo Colts Cricket Club a symbol of cricketing excellence for over a century and a half.

To honour the club’s long-standing association with billiards, the Colombo Colts Cricket Club will organize a special Billiard Tournament, which will be rolled out for two weekends starting July 21, 2023. The tournament will feature talented cueists showcasing the club’s commitment to promoting and nurturing various sports disciplines. In addition to the cricket tournament, the club will also be hosting a Hockey Tournament, showcasing the diversity of sports played at the club. This tournament will allow talented hockey players to display their skills and compete for the coveted championship. The Hockey Tournament will take place at Police Park on the 5th and 6th of August.

As part of the celebrations, the Colombo Colts Cricket Club will host a Legends Night on September 23rd, inviting cricketing greats who have represented the club throughout its illustrious history. This exclusive event will allow fans and supporters to interact with legendary players, listen to their stories, and gain insights into the club’s remarkable journey. A history book chronicling 150 years of the club’s unparalleled sporting achievements will also be published on the day.

The anniversary celebrations will culminate in a grand Gala Dinner on October 21, 2023, attended by esteemed guests, club members, past players, and cricket enthusiasts. The Gala Dinner will be a momentous occasion to celebrate the club’s rich heritage, honour its achievements, and pay tribute to the individuals who have contributed to its success over the years.

In addition to the lineup of activities, Colts will organize special events under different themes to allow members to enjoy food, music and entertainment club members, friends and families throughout the period at its newly built club premises.

Mr. Nishanthe Ranathunga, the President of the Colombo Colts Cricket Club, chaired the press conference held on June 1, 2023. Whilst thanking all past members of the Colts Cricket Club who brought this prestigious club to this level, President Ranatunga expressed his excitement about the upcoming events and the club’s commitment to fostering sportsmanship, camaraderie, and a love for the game. “This 150th anniversary is a testament to the Colombo Colts Cricket Club’s enduring spirit and dedication to the sport. The club in recent years has taken many steps to uplift the standard, including constructing a modern clubhouse ” President Ranathunga said. “We invite everyone to join us in celebrating this remarkable milestone as we look forward to many more years of promoting cricket and other sports within our community.”

Veteran Sri Lankan cricketer Chaminda Vass, Maj Gen. Shiran Abeysekera (Hon. General Secretary), M. Ratnaharan (Hon. Treasurer), Trevor Rajaratnam – Patron, Dinesh Wickramanayake (Club Captain), Chaminda Mendis (Vice President), Chaminda Rathnayake (Social Secretary) and Members of the Executive Committee were among the others who participated in the press briefing.