Solid batting by SL U19 President’s XI


The visiting India U19 team took on the Sri Lanka President’s XI in a 2-day warm up match at NCC grounds today. The home team was led by Royalist Kamil Mishara. On a dry NCC track, Mishara won the toss and elected to bat first.

Sri Lanka Presdient’s XI

Kamil Mishara (c), Kalindu Chihan, Muditha Premadasa, Sonal Dinusha, Muditha Lakshan, Dilum Sudeera, V. Viyaskanth, Ruvin Pieris, Chamindu Wijesinghe, Lakshan Gamage, Ashan Fernando, Kevin Perera, Maheesh Theekshana, Ravindu Fernando, Menduka Wijethilaka, Chamika Gunasekera, S. Mathushan

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The two openers Kamil Mishara and Ashen Fernando started steadily for the hosts adding 40 runs in 10 overs. However, right-handed Ashen Fernando (15) threw his wicket away to first change bowler Akash Pandey, by giving an easy catch to S. Chowdry at mid-on to end a good opening partnership.

No.3 batsman Mudith Premadasa got an early chance in the 12th over as Devdutt dropped him on 5 at slips. Anyway he didn’t make most of the given chance as he gave a straight forward catch to Chowdry at extra cover becoming Pandey’s 2nd wicket.

Skipper Kamil Mishara also couldn’t resist further as his well-built innings came to an end courtesy a full Pandey delivery.

Anuj Rawat, the Indian skipper took 21 overs to expose his main spinner Harsh Tyagi, in fact it was the first time a spinner was given the ball. Tyagi straight away struck as he trapped Kevin Perera (5) in his 2nd ball.

Sonal Dinusha and Kalindu Chihan two stand by players of the Sri Lanka U19 team, then got together and put up a superb 85-run partnership. During the cause Kalindu who came after Sonal overtook his partner and scored a well composed half-century.

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Just before tea, India’s Taide displayed a glimpse of India’s fielding brilliance by getting rid of the dangerous looking Kalindu with a direct hit. With just one wicket to aim at, Taide did a brilliant job to brake a stubborn and steady partnership.

Ravindu Fernando who then paired with Sonal made sure the Lankan inning doesn’t fall apart as he cautiously built the home team’s innings with Sonal. The duo had added 46 runs when play stopped due to rain. Luckily the showers didn’t last for long.

Just after the break, Sonal hit a well-connected slog wide away from the long-on fielder which brought up his 50 and also the 50-run partnership between him and Rvaindu. In the following over he was made to retire and a new batsman Maheesh Theekshana walked in.

Soon after that, Ravindu miscued one straight to the hands of long-on giving Taide his first wicket. Taide struck again claiming with the wicket of Muditha Lakshan. Lakshan Gamage then scored 15 off 20 to remain unbeaten with Maheesh Theekshana who was also on 15.

The hosts ended the day on 253 for 7 after batting for 88 overs.


Full Scorecard

Sri Lanka U19 Board XI

253/7 & 0/0

(0 overs)


India U19

384/7 & 0/0

(0 overs)

Match draw

Sri Lanka U19 Board XI’s 1st Innings

Kamil Mishara lbw by A.Pandey4055
Ashen Fernando c S.Chowdary b A.Pandey1530
Muditha Premadasa c S.Chowdary b A.Pandey519
Kevin Perera c A.Rawat b H.Tyagi314
Sonal Dinusha not out50167
Kalindu Chihan (runout) A.Taide6190
Ravindu Fernando c A.Pandey b A.Taide3770
Maheesh Theekshana not out1553
Muditha Lakshan c H.Tiyagi b A.Taide510
Lakshan Gamage not out1520
4 b
253/7 (88 overs)
Fall of Wickets:
1-40 (A.Fernando ,9.6 ) , 2-62 (M.Premadasa ,15.5) , 3-64 (K.Mishara ,17.4) , 4-69 (K.Perera ,21.3) , 5-154 (K.Chihan ,51.3|) , 6-219 (R.Fernando ,72.6) , 7-230 (M.Lakshan ,79.6)
Arjun Tendulkar81340 4.25
Mohit Jangra72260 3.71
Akash Pandey125273 2.25
Yatin Mangwani80370 4.63
Harsh Tyagi244711 2.96
Ayush Badoni131280 2.15
Siddharth Desai7360 0.86
Sameer Choudary4180 2.00
Atharva Taide51102 2.00

India U19’s 1st Innings

Pawan Shah not out7070
Anuj Rawat b M.Theekshana2827
Atharva Taide c K.Perera b L.Gamage2536
Devdutt Padikkal not out7582
Aryan Juyal not out5054
Nehal Wadhera c A.Fernando b M.Wijethilaka811
Yash Rathod b V.Kanthan3657
Ayush Badoni c M.Lakshan b V.Kanthan5954
Sameer Choudhary c K.Mishara b V.Kanthan810
Arjun Tendulkar c C.Ruvin b V.Kanthan57
Harsh Tyagi not out17
19(4LB ,8NB , 6B ,1WD)
384/7 (68.1 overs)
Fall of Wickets:
1-82 (A.Rawat ,11.3) , 2-131 (A.Taide ,24.3) , 3-236 (N.Wadhera ,39.5) , 4-325(Y.Rathod ,58.4) , 5-345(S.Chowdary ,62.1) , 6-354(A.Tendulkar ,64.2) , 7-384(A.Badoni ,68.1)
Chamika Gunasekara71490 7.00
Selvarasa Mathushan40210 5.25
Lakshan Gamage50361 7.20
Rohan Sanjaya20160 8.00
Maheesh Theekshana152601 4.00
Dilum Sudeera50190 3.80
V.Kanthan9.11634 6.92
Ravindu Fernando40260 6.50
Medulaka Wijethilaka50221 4.40
Chamindu Wijesinghe50260 5.20
Ruwin Chandisha20100 5.00
Muditha Lakshan41210 5.25