Royal College Group of 2011 – Cricket 7’s 2017


For the 5th consecutive year, the Royal College Group of 2011 ‘Cricket 7’s unfolds at the Moors Grounds on 30th September 2017.

Written by Sachitha Wijeyeratne

A most looked forward to event for any member of the Royal College Group of 2011 as they celebrate the special bond that they share. The event serves to enhance the camaraderie by providing an entire day’s worth of entertainment in the form of the game they have all loved since childhood. Revisiting the good old days of playing intense action packed cricket games during the school interval and beyond, the men bring out the boys in them and lay it all out to bare on the field.

Royal College Group of 2011 - Cricket 7's 2017

The action begins at 9:00 am at the Moors Cricket Club with over a 100 players turning out for 13 teams to claim the coveted title as Champions of the Group of 2011. With various activities also occurring beyond the boundary ropes, the event is not merely for the players alone, it is expected to be an event of brotherhood and joy for the entire group.

In addition, some individual bragging rights are also available in the form of Most Valuable Player, Best Batsman and Best Bowler titles. The tournament will be conducted in round robin format progressing into knockouts, with the players teaming up under various banners based on their classes or school time affinities such as sports and clubs.

Doubling up as a reunion for old mates to catch up and engage in good old school competition, the event is sure to bring out the nostalgia as the boys take a stroll down the memory lane. will provide photo coverage for the event.