Dialog Clifford Cup Knockout 2014/15

Quater Final
 Kandy SCBye  
20-Mar Army SC 2035CR & FCRace CourseReport  
21-MarHavelock SC 2034Police SCRace Course Report 
22-Mar Navy SC 2337Air Force SCRace Course Report 
Semi Final
25- MarPolice SC 2716Air Force SCRace Course4:30pmReportReplay
25- MarKandy SC 2207CR & FCNittewala4:30pmReportReplay
28-MarKandy SC 7707Police SCNittewala4:30pmReportReplay

Points Table


Most Try & Points Scorers

Try ScorersTeamTriesPoint ScorersTeamPoints
Apisai NaqalivaPolice SC12Dulaj PereraHavelock SC103
Christopher CloeteKandy SC10Rizah MubarakNavy SC92
Dinusha Chathuranga Navy SC8Apisai NaqalivaPolice SC77
Mithun Hapugoda Havelock SC8Kanchana RamanayakeCR & FC67

Fixtures & Results

Second Round 16th January to 15th March 2015

1st Week
16-JanFridayNavy SC125 07SharksWelisara4.30 pmReport
17-JanSaturdayHavelock SC 2107Police SCHavelock Park6.00 pmReport Replay
17-JanSaturdayCR & FC 1821Army SCLongdon Place4.30 pmReport Replay
 CancelledKandy SCCH & FCNittawala4.30 pm
Air Force SC
2nd Week
23-JanFridaySharks1568Air Force SCBeliatta4.30 pm Report
24-JanSaturdayPolice SC0337Kandy SCPolice Park4.30 pm ReportReplay
24-JanSaturdayNavy SC4308Army SCWelisara4.30 pm ReportReplay
25-JanSundayHavelock SC2119CR & FCHavelock Park6.00 pm ReportReplay
3rd Week
30-JanFridayArmy SC2412Air Force SCRace Course4.30 pm Report
31-JanSaturdayCR & FC2727Kandy SCLongdon Place4.30 pm Report Replay
CancelledCH & FCPolice SC
1-FebSundayNavy SC 1810Havelock SCWelisara4.30 pmReport Replay
4th Week
7-FebSaturdayNavy SC 4020Air Force SCWelisara4.30 pm
8-FebSundayArmy SC 1827Police SCRace Course4.30 pmReportReplay 
Kandy SC, HSC, CR & FC
5th Week
13-FebFridayHavelock SC3123ArmyHavelock Park6.30 pmReportReplay 
14-FebSaturdayNavy SC2913Police SCWelisara4.30 pm
15-FebSundayKandy SC6627Air Force SCNittawala4.30 pmReport
6th Week
20-FebFridayAir Force SCPolice SCRatmalana4.30 pmReport
21-FebSaturdayCR & FCNavy SCLongdon Place4.30 pmReportReplay
22-Feb SundayKandy SCArmy SCNittewala4.30 pmReportReplay
Havelock SC
7th Week
7-MarSaturdayHavelock SCKandy SCHavelock Park6.30 pm ReportReplay
7-MarSaturdayAir Force SCCR & FCRatmalana4.30 pm Report
Navy SC, Army SC, Police SC
8th Week
14-MarSaturdayPolice SCCR & FCPolice Park4.30 pmReport
14-MarSaturdayHavelock SCAir Force SCHavelock Park6.30 pm
15-MarSundayKandy SCNavy SCNittawala4.30 pmReplay
Army SC

First Round 31st October 2014 to 2nd January 2015

1st Week
31-OctFridayH Sharks1535Navy SCBeliaththa4.00 pm Report
1-NovSaturdayAir Force SC0978Kandy SCRathmalana4.00 pm ReportReplay
1-NovSaturdayPolice SC2844Havelock SCPolice Park4.00 pm Report
2-NovSundayArmy SC1521C R & F CRace Course4.00 pm ReportReplay
C H & F C
2nd Week
7-NovFridayAir Force SC1530C H & F CRathmalana4.00 pmReport
8-NovSaturdayPolice SC2464Navy SCPolice Park4.00 pmReport
9-NovSundayArmy SC2113Kandy SCRace Course4.00 pmReportReplay
8-NovSaturdayC R & F C1712Havelock SCLongdon place4.00 pmReportReplay
Hambanthota Sharks
3rd Week
14-NovFridayPolice SC 2008H SharksPolice Park4.00 pmReport
16-NovSundayC H & F C 1517Army SCC H & F C4.00 pmReport
15-NovSaturdayNavy SC 3026C R & F CWelisara4.00 pmReportReplay
15-NovSaturdayKandy SC 2524Havelock SCNithawala4.00 pmReportReplay
Air Force SC
 4th Week
21-NovFridayAir Force SC 10 33Army SCRathmalana4.00 pmReport
21-NovFridayC R & F C46 10H SharksLongdon place4.00 pmReport
23-NovSundayHavelock SC34 05C H & F CHavelock Park6.00 pmReportReplay
22-NovSaturdayNavy SC06 16Kandy SCWelisara4.00 pmReportReplay
Police SC
     5th Week
29-NovSaturdayC R & F C 22 41Police SCLongdon place4.00 pmReportReplay
29-NovSaturdayAir Force SC1645Havelock SCRathmalana4.00 pmReportReplay
30-NovSundayH Sharks2134Kandy SCBeliaththa4.00 pmReport
28-NovFridayNavy SC24 08C H & F CWelisara4.00 pmReport
Army SC
     6th Week
5-DecFridayArmy SC1726Havelock SCRace Course3.30 pmReportReplay
7-DecSundayKandy SC4619Police SCNithawala4.00 pmReportReplay
7-DecSundayAir Force SC2240Navy SCRathmalana4.00 pmReport
7-DecSundayC H & F C3238H SharksC H & F C4.00 pmReport
C R & F C
7th Week
14-DecSundayKandy SC19 13C R & F CNittawela4.00 pmReportReplay
13-DecSaturdayArmy SC03 48Navy SCRace Course4.00 pmReportReplay
14-DecSundayPolice SC2717C H & F CRace Course4.00 pmReport
13-DecSaturdayAir Force SC17 20H SharksRathmalana4.00 pmReport
Havelock SC
8th Week
20-DecSaturdayHavelock SC 13 17Navy SCHavelock Park6.00 pmReplay
21-DecSundayC R & F C 33 15C H & F CLongdon place4.00 pmReport Replay
19-DecFridayH Sharks 11 38Army SCBeliaththa4.00 pmReport
21-DecSundayPolice SC 24 19Air Force SCPolice Park4.00 pmReport
Kandy SC
9th Week
3-JanSaturdayC H & F C0571Kandy SCC H & F C4.00 pmReportReplay
3-JanSaturdayH Sharks1043Havelock SCHavelock Park4.00 pmReport
4-JanSundayC R & F C3128Air Force SCLongdon place4.00 pmReport
4-JanSundayPolice SC2041Army SCPolice Park4.00 pmReportReplay
Navy SC
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