Central province take honours at the 43 rd Nationals Sports Festival (Hockey)


The annual National’s Sports Festival which is organized by the Sri Lanka Sports Ministry concluded successfully for the 43 rd time at the Astro Turf today. The chief guest at the closing ceremony was Honorable Sports Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara. In both Men’s and Women’s categories the championship was won by Central Province.

In this year’s competition there were nine Men’s teams seven Women’s teams participating in the tournament representing different provinces. In 2016 both Men’s and Women’s championships was won by Central Province and Western Province was awarded the 1 st runners-up in both Men’s and Women’s categories.

The Mens category semi-final matches that was postponed yesterday due to bad weather conditions was played today early in the morning as the day began. The first match was between Western and Southern Province was one of the toughest games. Both teams seemed to be very confident as they entered the court. However, both teams were unable to get a goal during the first half. As the second half started both teams were playing very aggressively. In the last few minutes Southern Province was able to obtain their first goal and through a penalty stroke they added one more point to the score board. Unfortunately, Western could not get any goal as the match ended. Southern Province qualified for the finals by beating Western 2-0.

In the following semi-final match which took place between Central and North Western Province ended as 7-0. The important thing about Central province is that all the eleven players who played in the first half had represented the National team. From the start Central Province displayed very good skills, and the opponents were unable to overcome the strategies implemented by Central.

After a very tight game, Central Province remained unbeaten in the 43 rd Nationals Sports festival. Both women’s and Men’s category trophies were taken home by Central Province convectively for 4 th time. The finals in the Women’s category took place in between Central and Western province as usual and Western was beaten by Central with a score of 4-0. In the Men’s final match which took place between Central and Southern province ended as 10-1. The central men’s team displayed top level hockey and it seems that the southern team could not control the pressure throughout the game.

The best player in the Women’s category was awarded to K.A.C.T Themiyadasa in the Central Province team and D.R.M.I.K Jayasundara of the Central Province was awarded the Men’s category Best player.