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Sandaru Dias spins Thurstan to landmark win

56th Battle of the Brothers – Day 2


The 19-year result-less streak in the Battle of the Brothers encounter was broken today as Thurstan College clinched a stunning 10-wicket win against rivals Isipathana College at SSC grounds.

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Thurstan College started the 2nd and final day of the 56th Thurstan-Isipathana encounter, just 15 runs behind the 169 runs made by Isipathana College in the 1st innings. Isipathana College faced a major setback even before the day’s play began as their strike bowler Dinath Dissanayake was reported for a suspect action and was ruled out from bowling further in this match.

All-rounder Ravindu Rathnayake starting off proceedings for the boys in green in Dissanayake’s absence took two wickets in just the 2nd over he bowled in the day. Overnight batsman Rashmika Hiripitiya and young all-rounder Bawantha Jayasinghe, were both dismissed with consecutive deliveries.

56th Battle of the Brothers – ThePapare Stats

ThePapare Stats

Following the early blows, it was all about Ranesh Silva in the rest of the Thurstan innings. The right-handed fresher continuing from 28 not out went on to become the first ever Thurstanite to score a century on his Big Match debut. His wonderful knock of 109 runs came in 116 balls. He was eventually undone by Rathnayake, ending the Thurstan innings for 276 runs with a lead of 107.

Photos: Thurstan College vs Isipathana College | 56th Battle of the Brothers – Day 2

The 2nd essay by Isipathana got off to a decent start as openers Thevindu Dickwella and Mandeepa Gunasekara batted for 14.4 overs scoring 54 runs. With the Pathanians inching close towards going past Thurstan’s lead, Sandaru Dias started controlling the Isipathana innings.

The Thurstan skipper, dismissed both the openers in quick succession with his left-arm spin. Isipathana were allowed to score just 90 runs after losing their 1st wicket as they were bundled out for 144 runs.

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Dias who was the chief destroyer of the Isipathana innings, grabbed 6 wickets, becoming the first Thurstanite to take 10 wickets in a Big Match. Apart from the openers Dickwella and Gunasekara, who scored 39 and 23 respectively, Rathnayake fought hard to save his team. He was unfortunately dismissed as the 7 wicket, literally sealing the match for Thurstan. He was Dias’ 4th victim.

The Thurstan openers finished off the match with an unbeaten stand of 41 as they chased down the required 38 runs in just 7.5 overs. This win for Thurstan came after 27 years.

All 5 awards on offer were swept away by the victorious Thurstanites,


  • Man of the Match – Ranesh Silva
  • Best Batsman – Ranesh Silva
  • Best Bowler – Sandaru Dias
  • Best Fielder – Rashmika Hiripitiya
  • Best Striker – Anju Karunanayake



Thurstan College
276/10 (58.4) & 41/0 (7.5)
Isipathana College
169/10 (57.1) & 144/10 (50.2)
Thevindu Damsara Dickwella c Ayesh Harshana b Bawantha Jayasinghe40705057.14
Mandeepa Gunasekara c Nimesh Perera b Sandaru Dias15781019.23
Ravindu Rathnayakke c A Karunananyake b Ayesh Harshana20482041.67
I Sandamal c A Karunananyake b Bawantha Jayasinghe26534049.06
Leshan Kavisha Amarasinghe lbw b Sandaru Dias350060.00
S Uthsara c Ayesh Harshana b Bawantha Jayasinghe30425071.43
Saveen Dhantha st R Silva b Sandaru Dias19283067.86
Yasiru Kasthuriarachchi c A Karunananyake b Sandaru Dias6160037.50
Madushika Sandaruwan c R Silva b Bawantha Jayasinghe04000.00
Thuwan Kalik Amath b Bawantha Jayasinghe02000.00
Dinath Dissanayaka not out00000.00
Extras10 (b 1 , lb 4 , nb 4, w 1)
Total169/10 (57.1 Overs, RR: 2.96)
Bawantha Jayasinghe14.033752.64
Avishka Kaushalya5.011402.80
Ayesh Harshana20.036613.30
Sandaru Dias15.114142.72
Shalaka Bandara3.00602.00
Yohan Liyanage b Dinath Dissanayaka12143085.71
Jayavihan Mahavithana c Leshan Kavisha Amarasinghe b Thuwan Kalik Amath7171041.18
Avishka Kaushalya c Leshan Kavisha Amarasinghe b Yasiru Kasthuriarachchi9311029.03
A Karunananyake b Dinath Dissanayaka70808087.50
Nimesh Perera c I Sandamal b Madushika Sandaruwan16271059.26
R Silva c I Sandamal b Ravindu Rathnayakke10911614093.97
Rashmika Hiripitiya c Thuwan Kalik Amath b Ravindu Rathnayakke011000.00
Bawantha Jayasinghe b Ravindu Rathnayakke01000.00
Shalaka Bandara run out b12320037.50
Ayesh Harshana b Thuwan Kalik Amath18253072.00
Sandaru Dias not out240050.00
Extras21 (b 10 , lb 4 , nb 6, w 1)
Total276/10 (58.4 Overs, RR: 4.70)
Dinath Dissanayaka11.223723.30
Thuwan Kalik Amath6.004327.17
Yasiru Kasthuriarachchi14.024713.36
Thevindu Damsara Dickwella10.004504.50
Madushika Sandaruwan11.024113.73
Ravindu Rathnayakke5.213436.54
S Uthsara1.0015015.00
Mandeepa Gunasekara lbw b Sandaru Dias23540042.59
Thevindu Damsara Dickwella c Yohan Liyanage b Sandaru Dias393800102.63
Ravindu Rathnayakke c Nimesh Perera b Sandaru Dias49815060.49
I Sandamal c Rashmika Hiripitiya b Yohan Liyanage017000.00
Leshan Kavisha Amarasinghe c Jeyavihan Pradeeptha b Bawantha Jayasinghe11382028.95
S Uthsara lbw b Sandaru Dias010000.00
Saveen Dhantha lbw b Ayesh Harshana13341038.24
Madushika Sandaruwan c Rashmika Hiripitiya b Ayesh Harshana4150026.67
Yasiru Kasthuriarachchi c Shalaka Bandara b Sandaru Dias04000.00
Thuwan Kalik Amath b Sandaru Dias180012.50
Dinath Dissanayaka not out05000.00
Extras4 (b 0 , lb 0 , nb 2, w 2)
Total144/10 (50.2 Overs, RR: 2.86)
Ayesh Harshana16.033922.44
Bawantha Jayasinghe8.002713.38
Sandaru Dias17.215463.14
Yohan Liyanage8.001712.12
Shalaka Bandara1.00707.00
Yohan Liyanage not out16192084.21
Jeyavihan Pradeeptha not out21283075.00
Extras4 (b 4 , lb 0 , nb 0, w 0)
Total41/0 (7.5 Overs, RR: 5.23)
Ravindu Rathnayakke2.001206.00
Yasiru Kasthuriarachchi3.501504.29
Thuwan Kalik Amath2.011005.00