The U14 Sri Lanka Tennis Team faced the misfortune of relegation at the World Juniors Tennis Asia/Oceania Final Qualifying rounds. However, they were able to grab on to one win in their final tie against Syria, to finish 15th in the competition.

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Pooled in with Australia, Korea and Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka finished dead last in their group, unable to win a single tie of the three. On the final day of the tournament, the cubs managed to hang on to a win against Syria, but the win came too late as they had already been knocked out of the tournament.

A surprise mix-up in the playing order did the team well as Vichinthya Nilaweera started the day off with the 2nd Singles. He wasted no time in grabbing a resounding straight set victory over Majed Hafez, 6/0, 6/2.

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Zaidh Zihar drove the boys home, winning the 1st singles rubber against Mohammad Nour Taha, also in straight sets. Final scores read 6/0, 6/1. For the customary doubles, Zihar returned to the court to partner up with Wenuka Kithnula.

The pair was up against Majed Hafez and Hani Saray Al Deen; the Lankans left no room for the Syrian youngsters to gain momentum as they dominated the match from the get-go. Final scores read 6/2, 6/0 in favour of the Sri Lankans.

Despite this win, Team Sri Lanka will move back down to the pre-qualifying rounds of the World Juniors Championship for the year 2020.

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