Will the Thomians end Royal’s unbeaten run?

Roy-Tho Regatta 2018


It’s all set for the 49th Royal-Thomian’ Regatta to crash the waters of the Beira Lake, this Saturday, the 27th of October 2018. 

It all started in 1962 when the crews of both schools held a ‘Boat Race’ which was a single race rowed at the traditional Beira Lake for the coveted ‘Crossed Oars Trophy’. Later in 1966, it made it’s way to become the 3rd oldest rivalry, evolving into the Royal-Thomian regatta, as both teams battled out for the overall T. Noel Fernando Memorial Trophy.

The Royal-Thomian makes its mark in the history books as the oldest regatta in the schools’ community and the second oldest regatta in the island. The ‘Boat Race’ is still considered the most prestigious race of the regatta.

The regatta comprises of a total of 11 races, 8 of which add to the overall tally of 52 points. The races are rowed over a course of 1000 yards.

The points are awarded as follows;

Race Points
Senior Fours (A Four) 12 Points
Junior Fours (B Four) 8 Points
Junior B Fours (C Four)
Senior Sculls (A Scull) 6 Points
Junior Sculls (B Scull) 2 Points
Senior Pairs (A Pair) 8 Points
Junior Pairs (B Pair) 4 Points
Senior Double Sculls (A Double Scull) 8 Points
Junior Double Sculls (B Double Scull) 4 Points

The more successful out of the two has been S. Thomas’ College, with 23 wins under their belt as opposed to Royal’s 20 wins whilst 5 have ended in ties. However, showing dominance in the recent past, it has been the Royal crew who have taken the upper hand. After a convincing victory in 2015, the Royalists led by Kaveen Rajapakshe clinched the title, winning 50 points to 2 in 2016, and last year, Hashen Hettigoda and his crew managed to make it three in a row for Royal as they secured a 46 points to 6 victory.

This year, with the hopes of breaking Royal’s winning streak, the Thomian crew led by Meshach Peiris will look to bring back some silverware to Mount Lavinia after a drought of three years. The Thomian outfit has been molded together with the likes of senior rowers Ramesh Nithushan and Daniel Bartholomeosz. Sajin De Livera and Anuradha Nadaraja will head the coaching department and surely have a tough task ahead of them.

The S. Thomas’ College Rowing crew

Name Position Age
Ashika Ratnaweera Stroke 15
Avinash Rajaguru Bow 16
Ramesh Nithushan Bow 19
Niran Warawita Bow 16
Abishek Nanayakkara Stroke 16
Sinha Kurukulasooriya Stroke 18
Daniel Bartholomeosz Bow 19
Randev Wannakuwatte Bow 19
Sawin Ananth Bow 15
Caleb Fernando Stroke 15
Shanara Senarathna Stroke 17
Nehan Sithamparam Stroke 15
Chahel Samarasinghe Stroke 18
Ashan Walpola cox 17
Shailendra Ahangama Bow 15
Aritha Raddalgoda Stroke 16
Meshach Peiris © cox 19

Royal on the other hand are fielding a fairly experienced team with over 5 crew members who have been a part of the past three teams. This year, Charin Wijethilake has been handed over the captaincy duties while Lasindu Gamage stands alongside him as his deputy. Speaking to ThePapare.com Charin stated that, “The goal is to continue the winning streak whilst also making way for the juniors to shine”. Mohammed Rifaz will head the coaching department as Royal look forward to making it four in a row.

Photo Album – S. Thomas’ College Rowing Crew 2018

The Royal College Rowing crew

Name Position Age
Charin Wijethilake Stroke 19
Sajjad Ajmal Bow 17
Revaka Karunasundara Cox 19
Jatu Rockwood Stroke 19
Abdullah Hassan Stroke 19
Thejiya Wegadapola Stroke 17
Lasindu Gamage Bow 19
Jehan Hapugalla Bow 18
Yumin Perera Stroke 18
Dinal Aluthgama Stroke 16
Umar Mohideen Bow 18
Malik Hassan Bow 16
Gamidu Tennakoon Stroke 16
Chaniru Hewamanne Cox 17
Mayukha Gamage Stroke 17
Deelaka Mahale Bow 17
Vimodha Abeywardena Cox 16
Venuk Rapakse Stroke 15
Vinura Cooray Bow 15
Minula Algoda Stroke 16
Shamal Wijesiriwardana Bow 13

Photo Album – Royal College Rowing Crew 2018

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