Will Kandy bounce back or will the party continue at the Home of Rugby?

Nippon Paint Club Rugby League 2023/24


Kandy Sports Club have a task at hand, but known for their winning pedigree, Kandy are a force to be reckon with.

Will the wounded Kandy outfit be able to bounce back from their week 7 defeat?

Havelock SC v CR & FC at Havelock Park on the 2nd of February

Havelock Sports Club take on CR & FC as the two teams lock horns for the Matthysz Trophy. The first leg was won by CR 25-10 at Longdon Place and now the attention shifts to Havelock Park in what promises to be a crucial game for CR as much for Havelocks.

The equation is straight forward for CR & FC as they know, that 3 wins during the Cup Segment will all but secure them their first title in 1998.

Havelocks will be determined to stop them for achieving this feat, as much as winning the Matthysz Trophy will be a battle within the war.

Watch Live: https://www.thepapare.com/live-havelock-sc-vs-cr-fc-nippon-paint-rugby-league-2023-24/

CH & FC vs Kandy SC at Race course on the 3rd of February

CH & FC have a prime opportunity to dismantle Kandy, however the wounded Holders come down to Colombo, raring to go!

A Champion outfit always manages to bounce back after a defeat and it will be interesting to see how a wounded and weakened Kandy outfit bounces back.

CH & FC are poised to be in a good frame of mind to get over the line and with Sanath Martis at the helm, the experienced campaigner will surely know how to get under skin of a anguished opponent.

Kandy are still the favourites, but if CH are able to get over the line, they will no doubt be doing fellow rivals CR a massive favour.

Watch Live: https://www.thepapare.com/live-ch-fc-vs-kandy-sc-nippon-paint-rugby-league-2023-24/

Plate Segment

Army SC vs Police SC at Panagoda on the 3rd of February

Army host Air Force in what promises to be a fast paced running game at Panagoda.

Army will be bitterly disappointed with their performance this far, however, with the Plate on the line, they will no doubt set their sights on getting to the Plate, however, they will face stiff competition especially from Police SC.

Watch Live: https://www.thepapare.com/live-army-sc-vs-air-force-sc-nippon-paint-rugby-league-2023-24/

The other game will see Police take on Navy and with what we have seen this season, Police should coast through past struggling Navy!