With the cricket and rugby fever subsiding, the old girls and boys ache for some riveting schools’ rivalry around this time of the year. Enter, Hockey and Water Polo. Here is a compilation of the remaining clashes between some of the leading sporting schools in the country.

The love-hate relationship of Ladies’ and Bishop’s

The stickers of Ladies’ College and Bishop’s College will return to the Astro Hockey Turf this September, for the ultimate girls’ school’s Hockey showdown, the 14th Annual Ladies’-Bishop’s Hockey Encounter.

Final minute blitz take Bishop’s College to glory

Bishops college grabbed the 13th LCBC championship. Colombo’s leading girls schools Bishop’s…

With a history of 13 years, the comradery continues in its 14th successive year, and the showcase is scheduled for the 29th of September at the iconic Astro Hockey Turf. The event is purposed to bring the two schools’ together in friendship and true sportsmanship and is a traditional encounter, treasured by many.

Roy-Tho for the Orville Abeynaike Trophy

After a thrilling 18th edition of the Orville Abeynaike Trophy, the stickers from S. Thomas’ College will return to an overturned playing field to face a revengeful Royal side to retain their hard-earned silverware.

Orville Abeynaike Memorial Trophy makes way to its new home in Mount

The 18th Orville Abeynaike Memorial Trophy took place yesterday (11th November 2017) at the Astro…

After securing the Trophy for a celebratory decade, Thilina Dela and the boys stepped up and delivered big at last years’ showcase, beating the mighty Royalists 3 goals to 1 to take the trophy back to Mount.

With Royal hungry for vengeance and the Thomians with a tight grip on the Trophy, Astro Turf will come alive on the 10th of November, although the date is not yet confirmed by authorities.

Fresh waters of Royal – Nalanda

Kicked off just last year, the 2nd Annual Royal vs Nalanda Water Polo Encounter will splash the waters on the 15th of September at the Royal College Pool.

Royal cruise past Nalanda to win first encounter

An under-strength Royal College trumped Nalanda 15-8 as they ran away with the win at the first…

Royal College trumped Nalanda 15-8 as they ran away with the inaugural Royal-Nalanda Water Polo encounter. Can the underdog Nalandians topple Royal College in their second time around?

Or will Royal College remain strong and show em’ who’s boss, days before their big clash between S. Thomas’ for the Hayman Trophy.

Thomian Dominance and Hayman

The motherlode of Boys’ Schools Water Polo, the Hayman Water Polo Encounter for the Dr. R L Hayman Trophy is the most anticipated event for the aquatic community.

Manula Wickramaratne’s last minute equalizer was all that mattered for the Thomians to retain the trophy for a 5th consecutive year, by default. A reenergized Royal side will come back for redemption as the Thomians will sweat to keep the Trophy at home for the 6th straight year.

Manula thwarts staggering Royal comeback

Manula Wickramaratne had the last laugh as his last-minute goal left the scores level at the end…

The two-legged fiasco is set to splash on the 28th September and 5th October at the Sugathadasa Indoor Swimming Complex.

Visakha’s strong hold over Ladies’

The sole standing Girls’ Water Polo Encounter between Ladies’ College and Visakha Vidyalaya return to the Sugathadasa Indoor Swimming Complex in October.

Visakha make it 7/7 despite late Ladies comeback

A last-minute match-winning goal by Shaleena Peiris saw the Visakhians enter a new age…

After a nail-biting final few minutes in last years’ encounter, Visakha Vidyalaya took home the 14th Championship title home with a match winning goal just before the final whistle.

An opportunity gone begging, Ladies’ College will come back stronger this year to finally break Visakha’s 7peat hoodoo. The girls take the pool on the 12th of October under lights.

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