Trinity youngsters ease past Zahira juniors

Schools Rugby Junior friendly matches


Trinity College Kandy dominated and secured wins in all the junior games over Zahira College Colombo, (Under14, Under16 & Under18) played at the Zahira College Grounds, today (2nd March).

Under 14 match

The first half saw a lot of action with youngsters on both sides showcasing their talent, but Trinity College ended up getting the edge as they went into halftime with a 15-05 lead.

The Zahirians failed to break through the Trinity defense in the second half, while the youngsters from Kandy went onto score two more tries before the referee blew for full time.

Full Time: Zahira College 05 – 25 Trinity College 

Under 16 match

The Zahira under-16 boys got off to a better start as they got the first points on the board after successfully converting a penalty kick.

Those were the only points the Zahirians managed to get while the boys from Kandy went on to scoring three converted tries to secure an impressive victory away from home.

Full Time: Zahira College 03(1P) – 21 (3T 3C) Trinity College

Under 18 match

With Zahira’s youngsters having failed to register a win it was down to their under-18 side to save some grace for the Colombo boys, especially having to play at home. However, the boys from Kandy had a cracking start as they struck first blood and scored the first goal of the game early on.

Zahira looked to respond but failed to break through the Trinity defense. The Kandy boys however managed to double their advantage with another goal shortly before half time, to end the half with a 14-00 lead.

The second half was less thrilling with the only major action coming from a single try after the Trinity youngsters once again broke through the Zahirian defense and crossed the line before successfully converting once again. The Zahira boys failed to respond with a try of their own, giving the Trinity boys an assertive victory at the Zahira College Grounds.

Full Time: Zahira College 00 – 21 (3T 3C) Trinity College