Tied Triumph: Algama and Danushan Lead the Pack in Srixon Junior Open

Srixon Junior Open Golf Tournament

At the close of the initial day of the Srixon Junior Open Golf Tournament hosted at the Royal Colombo Golf Club (RCGC), Reshan Algama and Kumar Danushan were tied for the lead.

Reshan, competing in the Gold Division for 15-18+ years, began the year impressively with an even-par 71 on day one. Sharing the top spot was Kumar Danushan, who also carded an impressive even-par 71, setting the stage for a competitive remainder of the tournament.

Jevahn Sathasivam secured third place with a commendable score of  73, closely followed by Yannik Kumara at 74 in the fourth spot. These competitors are not just contending for the title but are also striving to accumulate significant points in the World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR).

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In the group of 13 to 15 years, Varun Fernando showcased outstanding talent, taking the lead with an impressive score of 75 over four overs. T. Deshan claimed the second position with a score of 77, and Keshav Algama, Reshan’s younger brother, shared the third spot with Adithya Weerasinghe from Anuradhapura, scoring 79. The competition became intense and unpredictable as Kaweesha Sandaruwan tied for third place.

In the category of 11 years and under, playing 14 holes in the Bronze Division, Shenal Nimsith took the lead on the first day with an overall score of 58. Lavidu Premarathne from Anuradhapura followed in second place with a score of 62, while Lithum Silva secured the third position with a score of 66. Udeera Bandara, also from Anuradhapura, claimed the fourth spot with a score of 70.

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In the Copper Division, for players aged 10 and under, completing nine holes, Revaan Amarasinghe demonstrated outstanding skill and adaptability, establishing a substantial lead of eight strokes with a score of 32. Jaidon Herath secured the second position with a score of 41. At the same time, Jaeden Sathasivam, the younger sibling of Jevahn, and Abiman Abeywardhane from Anuradhapura were tied for third place with scores of 42.

On the other hand, two highly skilled brothers, Thejas Rathis Kanth and Yuvan Rathis Kanth, could not participate in the tournament as they were recovering from an illness.