Mathilda Karlsson’s Stallion placed 7th in ‘SIRES OF THE WORLD 2022’


Mathilda Karlsson placed 7th

Chopin VA, Stallion of Sri Lankan Olympic Equestrian Mathilda Karlsson was placed 7th in the ‘SIRES OF THE WORLD 2022 Championship’ which was held in Domein Zangersheide in Lanaken Belgium from 22nd to 25th September 2022.

As an international showjumper, Mathilda competes against the world’s best on the stages of the Longines Global Championship Tours, traveling with her champion horses, to compete in varied championships and competitions in Miami, St. Tropez, New York and London.

Chopin VA is the ‘King’ of Karlsson’s stables. He is a beautiful Dark Bay Stallion with an imposing personality and was born in her very own stables in Grönwohldhof, Germany. He has been by her side since the day he was born and from the age of 4 years, they have been competing as a team.

“We know each other very well. He is also the horse of my dreams and it is with him that I plan to represent Sri Lanka and qualify for the next Olympics in 2024”, said Karlsson.

This championship provides the latest development in the breeding of champion equines across the world and it signifies the value of correct breeding superiority in the performance of equestrian sport.

Chopin VA caught the eye for his incredible jumping ability, exceptional rideability and equestrian skill.