Sri Lankan men and women have climbed mountains in the international arena across many sporting disciplines. The Table Tennis contingent, though rarely spoken of, has been a silent warrior, bringing glory to mother Lanka over the years.

Here’s a look at the top Sri Lankan men and women in the sport, according to the International Table Tennis Federation rankings.

1. Erandi Warusawithana – Women’s Singles Rank 288

With a total of 1100 points in the international circuit, Erandi Warusawithana is the highest ranked female paddler in the country as of February 2018. Her first representation of Sri Lanka was back in 2016 at the World Team Championships where Sri Lanka placed 63rd out of 80 nations. She had a terrific run last year, playing three overseas tournaments – ITTF Asian Championship, 2017 Universdiade and the World Table Tennis Championship.

2. Ishara Madurangi – Women’s Singles Rank 349

With 850 Points in the bag, Ishara Madurangi trails right behind Erandi in the world rankings. Making just two appearances in the international territory, Ishara was the former top gun in the Lankan All Island Rankings until last year when Erandi topped her. Ishara is still a vital contender in the local tournaments, bagging a couple of major titles in the singles and doubles in 2017.

3. Hansani Kapugeekiyana & Bandara Rajaguru – Women’s Singles Rank 445

The duo is tied at third place of the local standings with 540 points each. Playing the ITTF Asian Championship in 2017, they both reached the round of 128 before being knocked out.

4. Ruwini Kannangara – Women’s Singles Rank 533

Ruwini’s greatest achievement can be seen as the three medals she won at the South Asian Games 2016. At the World Team TT Championship, Ruwini bagged 380 points from the tour to earn her spot as the final ranker in the international standing board in the Women’s division.

1. Nirmala Jayasinghe – Men’s singles Rank 342

Nirmala made his debut for Sri Lanka back in 2016 when he represented the nation at the World Table Tennis Championship, earning 240 points in the team competition. He had the best run of his career in 2017 at the ITTF Asian Championships in China, making it to the round of 64, earning 720 points. With a total of 960 points, Nirmala is at the front of the pack for the Men.

2. Imesh Ranasingha – Men’s Singles Rank 377

5 Time National Champion, Imesh Udaya Ranasinghe is slowly edging toward the top spot of the world rankings. Similar to Nirmala, Imesh’s journey only took him to two international appearances in the World Team Table Tennis Championship and the ITTF Asian Championship where he reached the round of 128.

3. Milinda Lakshitha – Men’s Singles Rank 387

Like his teammates, Milinda has represented Sri Lanka in the same two tournaments, gathering a total of 795 points. The ITTF Asian Championship proved most successful for Milinda as he reached the round of 64. He has been Rohan Sirisena’s faithful doubles partner, winning Nationals Doubles titles in past National Tournaments as well as making it to the round of 64 in the Men’s Asia Championship 2017.

4. Chalitha Ranjana – Men’s Singles Rank 448

Chalitha Ranjana is a four-time National Champion who had his glory days in the early 2000’s. He was invited by colleague Rajitha Samaraweera to participate in the New Zealand Open last year where he became the only Sri Lankan paddler to win a match at the world event. He currently holds a total of 615 points and is one of the most experienced contenders in the Lankan pool.

5. Rohan Sirisena – Men’s Singles Rank 451

Rohan Sirisena is a legend in the game, having been crowned triple champion back in 2009. He has limited himself from participation in international tournaments, but is quite active in the Sri Lankan Arena in the Doubles category. He was also one half of the pair at the Men’s Championship Doubles event, alongside Milinda Lakshitha, in the Asian Championship last year.

6. Chameera Ginige

Chameera Ginige caps the list of players in the world rankings with 85 points. His participation has only been at the 2016 World Team TT Championship. Chameera is currently the No.2 seed in the Boys U-21 All Island rankings and was also the Division ‘A’ champ at the 2014 Mercantile Championship.