Defending champions of the Sri Lanka Super 7s series Mobitel Eagles continued their dominance in the franchise format of the game as they went on to win the 1st leg of the Sri Lanka Super 7s 2017 edition in Kandy defeating the Softlogic Warriors in an exciting final.


Full time scores: SLT Mobitel Eagles 19 – Softlogic Warriors 5

The Sri Lanka Super 7s series kicked off for the second time this Saturday (8th) at the Nittawela Stadium in Kandy. At the end of the first day of exchanges in the group stage of the Franchise category, the quarterfinal positions were finalized.

Softlogic Warriors having lost all of their group stage games on day 1, proved to be the surprise package as they managed to secure a place in the final after some enterprising play. The Softlogic team, led by Jason Dissanayake, defeated the Cargills Gladiators 24-14 to face Walkers CML Vipers in the semifinals.

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The highly-anticipated finals saw the Softlogic Warriors making first use of the ball with their overseas duo as Ed Fidow touched down to draw first blood.  The conversion didn’t find the post.

The Warriors were quite content as they hung on to a 5-point lead till the 7th minute but just before lemons, Mulipa Lesofa stepped on the gas to score under the posts and give Mobitel a slender two-point lead at half time.

The second half saw a twist of events as the foreign players from the Mobitel side took it upon themselves to take the team to victory. Over went Josevagreen Bilo and later Mulipa Lesofa assisted Shamri Burah to touch down on the far corner.

19 points up, the Warriors could not see any chance of victory but had to be content with the second place finish as the Mobitel Eagles took the win of the Kandy leg.

Full time score: SLT Mobitel Eagles 19 (3T 2C) to Softlogic Warriors 5 (1T)

Last year’s winner SLT Mobitel Eagles took the 1st leg of this year’s series in similar fashion to last year and will go in to the Colombo leg as favourites to win the title for yet another year.

Access Kings take Plate title

The Access Kings had it easy against the Danushka Ranjan led Walkers CML Vipers to take the Plate title. The full-time scores read 31-7 in favour of the Kings.

The Kings were unfortunate to miss out on a cup final losing out to the SLT Mobitel Eagles 5-7 and should be happy with their third-place finish keeping them in the close contention for the series.

EZY Wolves take Bowl; Shield for Etisalat Panthers

The EZY Wolves defeated the KBSL Dragons 19-14 to take the Bowl honours. The Wolves, who earlier missed out on the semifinals, will however take home silverware as consolation.

The Etisalat Panthers managed to take the 7th position and humiliated last year’s second leg winner; the Cargills Gladiators to win the Shield 17-0.

Day 2 Results

NoMatchTeam 1Score 1Score 2Team 2
29Womens-1Army SC5300CR&FC
30Womens-2Navy SC367Air Force SC
31F/Cup Q/F-1Cargills Gladiators1424Softlogic Warriors
32F/Cup Q/F-2Walkers CML Vipers240K B S L Dragons
33F/Cup Q/F-3Etisalat Panthers1419Access Kings
34F/Cup Q/F-4EZY Wolves57Mobitel Eagles
35SCH Bowl/Shield SF1St. Joseph's College1912Dharmaraja College
36SCH Bowl/Shield SF2St. Anthonys College2212Isipathana College
37SCH Cup/Plate SF1Kingswood College0733Science College
38SCH Cup/Plate SF2St. Peter's College1922Trinity College
39Womens-3Army SC240Air Force SC
40Womens-4Navy SC550CR&FC
41F/ Bowl/Shield SF1Cargills Gladiators1222K B S L Dragons
42F/ Bowl/Shield SF2Etisalat Panthers1417EZY Wolves
43F/ Cup/Plate SF1Softlogic Warriors2014Walkers CML Vipers
44F/ Cup/Plate SF2Access Kings0507Mobitel Eagles
45SCH/Shield FinalDharmaraja College1512Isipathana College
46F/Shield FinalEtisalat Panthers1700Cargills Gladiators
47SCH/Bowl FinalSt. Joseph's College1422St. Anthony's College
48F/Bowl FinalK B S L Dragons1419EZY Wolves
49SCH/Plate FinalKingswood College1919St. Peters College
50Womens-5Air Force SC3505CR&FC
51F/Plate FinalWalkers CML Vipers0731Access Kings
52SCH FinalsScience College1905Trinity College
53Womens-6Army SC2400Navy SC
54F/Cup FinalsSoftlogic Warriors0519Mobitel Eagles

Final Standings Franchise after 1st Leg

1SLT Mobitel Eagles55
3Softlogic Warriors34
3Access Kings34
6Walkers CML Vipers22
2EZY Wolves43
8KBSL Dragons10
5Etisalat Panthers26
7Cargills Gladiators18

Replay – Sri Lanka Super 7s 2017, Kandy leg – Day 02

Knockouts and the finals of Sri Lanka super 7s Day 02 at the Nittawels Rugby stadium ..