Sri Lanka Cricket, ICC’s most corrupted body – Harin Fernando


Minister reveals information from ICC discussion

Revealing the results of the meeting held with the International Cricket Council, the newly appointed Minister of Sports, Telecommunication, Digital Infrastructure and Foreign Employment announced with deep disappointment that the local body was the most corrupt of all cricket control boards.

“I want sport in Sri Lanka to be played ‘hard, safe and clean’ – Minister of Sports

“When I met with Alex Marshall, the general manager of the ICC’s anti corruption unit, he revealed that the Sri Lanka Cricket board is the most corrupted board of all.” 

Even the Zimbabwe Cricket Board had issues, their administration was better but in Sri Lanka from top to bottom everything is corrupted” 

The newly appointed minister revealed these disturbing facts at the press briefing after he had received a document pertaining to the ICC’s report on Sri Lanka.

ශ්‍රී ලංකා ක්‍රීඩා පිටියේ බලය හරීන් ප්‍රනාන්දුට

“Out of the funds that we receive at Sri Lanka Cricket 80% of it comes from the ICC and we have to make sure that we eradicate the corruption” 

Therefore, he stressed on the adaption of an anti-corruption law to prosecute and punish the guilty parties.

“I have had discussions with the lawmakers to document a sports law to bring in rules to punish the offenders and it will soon be out”

Currently in Sri Lanka under the sports law, there is no specific framework as such to take legal action against athletes on corruption.

“I have had lengthy discussions with Sidath Wettimuny, Roshan Mahanama, Sangakkara, Mahela and the few other key cricketing personalities and all of them have pledged their support if the sports law is brought to curb corruption.” 

“I know that the dates have been finalized in February for the election but we are asking for advise from the ICC executive committee on whether to go for an election and they will communicate this to me shortly.” 

“They will communicate to me on their decision by the 10th of January”

ICC’s Anti-corruption unit to be set up in Sri Lanka

Further to the discussion, an Anti-corruption envoy is set to be established in the country.

“There will be an Anti-corruption unit established on a long term  basis so that they can solve  the issues in the country. Hopefully within a month or two this can be finalized. They are here to meter out the issues and I have pledged to cover 50% of their accomodation cost as well” added the minister on the steps to be taken to solve the issue at hand.

Amnesty period for Sri Lanka

The ICC will grant the Sri Lankan players an amnesty period shortly, to raise their concerns on corruption.

Photos: Harin Fernando – Taking office as Sports Minister

“There will be an amnesty period granted for Sri Lanka where players can come forward on the corruption and any pertaining incidents related to abuse”

“The cricket administration needs to be sorted out first of all if we are put our cricket back on track” added Harin Fernando in his concluding remarks.