Science v Dharamraja called off due to furore of Dharmaraja entering unregistered players


The Singer Schools Rugby encounter between Science College Mt Lavinia v Dharmaraja College Kandy scheduled for this evening was called off before the game started.

It is reported that Dharmaraja College Kandy had fielded 3 unregistered players to which Science College has protested.  However Science College have stated they are willing to play the game under protest, but  Dharmaraja had left the grounds abruptly.  According to Nazeem Mohammed of the Science College Rugby union, the game was important and spectators were there to watch and it also there were costs incurred in organizing a game. ‘So we were willing to play under protest’

Mr Susantha Mendis of the Sri Lanka School Rugby Football Association stated to ThePapare that he had in fact requested Dharmaraja to register these players whom they have recruited from other schools mid-season but the Kandy school had failed to do so.  When he was contacted about the incident by the commissioner at the start of today’s match, he had spoken with the rest of the committee and it was decided that Dharmaraja should only play without those 3 players.   He states he clearly informed match commissioner not to allow the un-registered boys to play.

ThePapare also learns that Dharmaraja in their defense have stated that they have played these players previously as well and if so they have clearly broken the rules according to Mr Susantha Mendis secretary of the SLSRFA.

On the question of ‘what next’ Mr Mendis stated that the matter will be brought to the disciplinary committee next week who will look into the matter as to if it could be considered a walk over or abandonment for which Dharmaraja would be at the risk of being  relegated from the league.

ThePapare’s efforts to contact Dharmaraja College for a statement failed at this moment; however a report will be updated as soon as we receive same.