Isipathana juniors with whitewash win over Zahira

Singer School’s Rugby League 2019


Isipathana college secured dominant victories over Zahira College Maradana in both the under 14 and under 16 encounters 10-0 and 21-05 respectively, at the Havelock park today (23rd March).


The young Isipathana outfit pulled off a big win against Zahira College in their fourth week of the Singer School’s Rugby League 2019. They started off strong getting a try early on in the game and was successful in adding the extra’s with the conversion.

The Zahira juniors struggled to break the Isipathana defense, but Isipathana had no such problems as they broke through the Zahira line yet again for their second try to end the first half with a dominant 14-00 lead.

The Isipathana juniors continued their supremacy in the second half, scoring their first try and conversion of the half, early on. The Zahirians managed to break through and add one unconverted try before the referee blew for full time.

The game was a bit of a physical one and the referee was forced to show two yellow cards during the course of the game.

Full time: Isipathana College 21(3t 3c)- Zahira College (1t-0c)

Under 14

The under 14 match was a complete one sided game in the favor of the Isipathana cubs. They finished the match 10-0 against a helpless Zahira outfit.

Full time: Isipathana College 10 (2t-0c) Zahira College (0t-0c)