Nalanda College will have to wait for one more year if they are to end their winless run in the Battle of the Maroons, as their search for a win as the 89th Battle of the Maroons was unsuccessful as the game ended in a tame draw today (4th March) at Sinhalese Sports Club grounds.

Nalanda continued from there they left off through captain Lakshitha Rasanjana, as the left hander made maximum use out of the opportunity along with youngster Raveen De Silva.

15 year old Raveen De Silva played a composed knock scoring 35 as the two batsmen successfully negotiated the first hour of play without conceding a single wicket.

However, De Silva was the first to be dismissed on day two as the score read 167, soon after Captain Rasanjana reached his half century.

Ananda College vs Nalanda College – 89th Battle of the Maroons

The 89th Battle of the Maroons cricket encounter between Ananda College and Nalanda College…

Kalana Kathriarchchi came and went for 1 as Rasanjana stepped on the accelerator, scoring with intent. Maheema Weerakoon joined Rasanjana, however, the Nalanda captain perished by the sword for 72 off 122 deliveries which included 8 fours and a solitary six.

Weerakoon remained unbeaten on 20 as last man; Umeshka Dilshan was the final wicket to fall on the stroke of lunch as Nalanda gained a handy lead of 72 runs.

Kanishka Ranthilakage and Kavindu Gimhana came out to bat following lunch with their backs against the wall as Nalanda College had a slight edge going into the second session. The opening pair saw through 5 overs, however, Gimhana fell for 10 off 17 balls as Nalanda were given a sniff in the game.

  • Kamesh Nirmal Century

The surface at Sinhalese Sports Club got better for batting as the second day progressed. Ranthilakage was joined by Dushan Hettige as the two top order batsmen made up for missing out in the first innings, putting on 23 runs for the second wicket.

Ranthilakage fell for 25 as Hettige and Kamesh Nirmal – Brother of Dinesh Chandimal – put on a 37 run partnership for the third wicket, as Ananda wiped off the Nalanda lead of 72 runs, taking the game into safe territory.

Hettige was the third to fall, as he was trapped in-front for 23 off the bowling of Kaveeesha Tharusha. Captain Asel Sigera combined with Nirmal in a partnership of 75 runs as the game headed into a tame draw.

Suhanga Wijewardana bags 6 as Nalanda edge ahead on day 1

Suhanga Wijewardena bagged 6 for 52 crippling the Ananda batting; however, the Maroon and Golds…

Captain Sigera fell short of a half-century for 46 off 61 balls as the hero from the first innings joined Nirmal at the crease as the duo put on a 74 run partnership.

Nirmal reached his century as bad light intervened and the game was brought to an abrupt end as the Ananda second innings ended at 252 for the loss of 7 wickets.

Nalanda College’s wait for glory at the big match continues. However, Ananda College will be pleased with the recovery in the second innings to save the game and retain the Dr. N.M Perera Memorial Challenge Trophy.

  • Best Fielder – Lahiru Attanayake (Ananda College)
  • Best Bowler – Suhanga Wijewardena (Nalanda College)
  • Best Batsman – Kamesh Nirmal (Ananda College)
  • Man of the Match – Lakshitha Radanjana (Nalanda College)


Full Scorecard

Nalanda College


(64.3 overs)


Ananda College

141/10 & 252/7

(60 overs)

match drawn

Nalanda College’s 1st Innings

Avishka Perera c Dushan Hettige b Vishwajith Edirisinghe2456
Rusiru De Silva c Vishwajith Edirisinghe b Deneth Pramuditha114
Dilhara Polgampola b Shamal Hirushan2344
Lakshitha Rasanjana not out320
Suhanga Wijewardana lbw by Shamal Hirushan01
Chamindu Wijesinghe c b Vishwajith Edirisinghe1838
Raveen De Silva lbw by Ashel Sigera3568
Kalana Kathriarachch c & b Daminda Reshan17
Mahima Weerakoon not out2027
Kaveesha Tharusha st. by Lahiru Atthanayake b Ashel Sigera1110
Umeshka Dilshan st. by Lahiru Atthanayake b25
213/10 (64.3 overs)
Fall of Wickets:
1-3, 2-43, 3-57, 4-57, 5-100, 167-6, 170-7, 190-8, 208-9, 213-10
Deneth Pramuditha103291 2.90
Shamal Hirushan132322 2.46
Chamika Gunasekara71330 4.71
Dushan Hettige50230 4.60
Vishwajith Edirising10.33383 3.69
Ashel Sigera143373 2.64
Daminda Reshan50161 3.20

Ananda College’s 1st Innings

Kanishka Ranthilakag c Dilhara Polgampola b Chamindu Wijesinghe1016
Kavinda Thalgasduwa c Suhanga Wijewardana b Chamindu Wijesinghe923
Dushan Hettige b Suhanga Wijewardana711
Kamesh Nirmal lbw by Suhanga Wijewardana89
Ashel Sigera c Avishka Perera b Chamindu Wijesinghe01
Lahiru Atthanayake c Rusiru De Silva b Suhanga Wijewardana58133
Shamal Hirushan lbw by Chamindu Wijesinghe129
Daminda Reshan b Suhanga Wijewardana2467
Vishwajith Edirising lbw by Suhanga Wijewardana03
Chamika Gunasekara not out1835
Deneth Pramuditha c Dilhara Polgampola b Suhanga Wijewardana04
141/10 (54.5 overs)
Fall of Wickets:
1-11, 2-28, 3-32, 4-32, 5-36, 6-58, 7-109, 8-109, 9-141, 10-141
Suhanga Wijewardana162526 3.25
Chamindu Wijesinghe156334 2.20
Kalana Kathriarachch3160 2.00
Lakshitha Rasanjana4340 1.00
Kaveesha Tharusha92250 2.78
Raveen De Silva20120 6.00
Mahima Weerakoon4320 0.50
Umeshka Dilshan2030 1.50

Nalanda College’s 2nd Innings

0/0 (0 overs)
Fall of Wickets:

Ananda College’s 2nd Innings

Kanishka Ranthilakag c Chamindu Wijesinghe b Suhanga Wijewardana2531
Kavinda Thalgasduwa lbw by Kalana Kathriarachchi1017
Dushan Hettige lbw by Kaveesha Tharusha2348
Kamesh Nirmal not out100138
Ashel Sigera c Rusiru De Silva b Umeshka Dilshan4661
Lahiru Atthanayake c Lakshitha Rasanjana b Umeshka Dilshan3339
Shamal Hirushan lbw by Umeshka Dilshan02
Daminda Reshan b Chamindu Wijesinghe216
Chamika Gunasekara not out23
252/7 (60 overs)
Fall of Wickets:
1-25, 2-48, 3-85, 4-160, 5-234, 6-234, 7-244
Suhanga Wijewardana111541 4.91
Chamindu Wijesinghe90441 4.89
Kalana Kathriarachch91351 3.89
Mahima Weerakoon30140 4.67
Kaveesha Tharusha81201 2.50
Raveen De Silva41190 4.75
Umeshka Dilshan112383 3.45
Lakshitha Rasanjana50220 4.40