Vaaj Junior League back for the 20th Time

Vaaj Junior League 2022


The rebranded 20th edition of the Junior National Basketball Championship, the Vaaj Junior Premier League Basketball Championship, level one matches will commence on the 12th of January at Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium.

Matches in the Level I group stage will begin at 7 am and continue through noon the following day. The following week will see the quarterfinals, semifinals and championship games of Men’s level I, Women’s level 1 and Women’s level II.

This tournament’s Level I is comprised of a total of 20 teams, including 8 Men’s teams and 12 Women’s teams.

Level I Men

Group A Group B
Colombo Hambantota
Galle Batticaloa
Gampaha SL Schools
Jaffna SL Air Force


Level I & II Women

Group A Group B Group C Group D
SL Schools SL Universities Colombo Gampaha
Rathnapura Matara Kurunegala Batticaloa
Galle Polonnaruwa Kandy Jaffna



Group Stages:

Semi Finals Women – Level II

14.01.2023 5.00 pm Loser P Vs Loser Q                               T Air Force Complex
  6.30 pm Loser R Vs Loser S                                 U        Air Force Complex


Semi Finals Women – Level I

14. 01. 2023 4.30 pm Winner P Vs Winner Q                        W Sugathadasa Indoor
  6.00 pm Winner R Vs Winner S                          X Sugathadasa Indoor


Semi Finals Men – Level I

15.01.2023 6.30 am Winner Group A Vs Runner Up Group B —— Y Sugathadasa Indoor
  8.00 am Winner Group B Vs Runner Up Group A —— Z Sugathadasa Indoor


Consolation Finals

Date Game Time Teams Venue
15.01.2023 Women’s Level II 09.30 am Looser T Vs Looser U Sugathadasa Indoor
15.01.2023 Women’s Level I 11.00 am Looser W Vs Looser X Sugathadasa Indoor
15.01.2023 Men’s Level II 12.30 pm Kurunagala Vs Puttlam Sugathadasa Indoor
15.01.2023 Men’s Level I 04.00 pm Loser Y Vs Looser Z Sugathadasa Indoor


Grand Finals 

Date Game Time Teams Venue
15.01.2023 Women’s Level II 02.30 pm Winner T Vs Winner U Sugathadasa Indoor
15.01.2023 Women’s Level I 05.30 pm Winner W Vs Winner X Sugathadasa Indoor
15.01.2023 Men’s Level I 07.00 pm Winner Y Vs Winner Z Sugathadasa Indoor


The last couple of weeks of November 2022 saw Vaaj Junior League Level III and Level II matches completed and the two winners of each division advance to compete in Level II and Level I, respectively.

The best young basketball players in Sri Lanka, including potential stars under the age of 23, will compete in this yearly event. Male and female players may compete for their respective district associations, Sri Lankan universities, Sri Lankan schools, or the three armed forces.

Since the tournament is recommencing after 2005, Sri Lanka Basketball Federation has partnered with Vaaj group of companies to create the best possible experience for the young players and the fans during the upcoming games.

The organizing committee has taken the initiative to give each player a kit. Additionally, they have given lodging and meals for the teams that are traveling from outstation to participate.