St. Joseph’s College Clinches Victory in Intense Final Match of U20 ‘A’ Division Basketball Tournament 2024


In a showdown that electrified the court, St. Joseph’s College, Colombo 10 (SJC) triumphed over St. Peter’s College, Bambalapitiya (SPC), in the final match of the U20 ‘A’ Division Basketball Tournament. This epic battle, dubbed the “Battle of Saints,” showcased the determination and skill of both teams in a nail-biting clash for the championship title.

Right from the first quarter, the intensity of the match was evident as both teams fought tooth and nail for every point. St. Joseph’s College took a narrow lead of 18-17 in the opening quarter, setting the stage for a fiercely contested game. However, St. Peter’s College refused to back down, keeping the pressure on their opponents.

As the game progressed into the second quarter, St. Joseph’s College managed to extend their lead, maintaining a seven-point advantage with a score of 37-30. However, St. Peter’s College continued to rally, demonstrating their resilience and determination to stage a comeback.

The third quarter saw both teams trading baskets in a relentless battle for supremacy. St. Joseph’s College maintained their lead but faced fierce resistance from St. Peter’s College, with the scoreboard reading 46-42 in favor of St. Joseph’s College.

With tensions running high and the championship title within reach, both teams poured their hearts into the final quarter. St. Joseph’s College managed to hold off their opponents’ advances, securing a narrow but decisive victory with a final score of 59-56.

In recognition of their outstanding contributions to their team’s success, several players were honored with individual awards. Methika Jayasinghe of St. Joseph’s College was named the Most Valuable Player for his exceptional performance, scoring 19 crucial points and leading his team to victory. Abhaya Gajamange earned the title of Best Defensive Player, showcasing his prowess in thwarting the opposition’s attacks and ensuring his team’s defensive solidity. Meanwhile, Ayyoob Shiham of St. Peter’s College was recognized as the Best Offensive Player for his impressive scoring prowess and offensive contributions.

Notably, both the Girls’ championship team, Holy Family Convent, and the Boys’ championship team, St. Joseph’s College, shared a common coaching staff. Mr. Roshan Randima Suriyaarachchi and Mr. Shane Daniel, the Coaches of both winning teams, played instrumental roles in guiding their respective teams to glory, showcasing their expertise and leadership on the sidelines.

With this victory, St. Joseph’s College reaffirmed their dominance in Boys’ Basketball, adding another prestigious title to their illustrious history. Their resilience, teamwork, and unwavering determination were on full display, inspiring future generations of athletes to strive for greatness on the court.