LB Finance ‘B’, WNS Global D & E Division champions


LB Finance ‘B’ and WNS Global Services (Pvt) Limited became champions of D & E Divisions of the 2017 Mercantile Football League Tournament.

With the championships LB Finance ‘B’ will play in the C Division while WNS Global will play in the D Division in the 2018 campaign.

D Division

LB Finance ‘B’ v Amana Bank

Heading into the final game-week, the decider was going to be between LB Finance ‘B’ and Amana Bank. LB Finance had three wins out of three while Amana Bank had 2 wins and 1 draw.

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Amana Bank needed a win to secure promotion while LB Finance only needed a draw, which they eventually got in a 0-0 encounter at the City Football Complex.

Dialog v LB Finance ‘B’

LB Finance scored two goals in the 2nd half to defeat Dialog 3-1. Lakshan Thanuja opened the scoring in the 1st minute for LB before Rifad Mahil equalized in the 18th minute.

Half time – Dialog 1 – 1 LB Finance ‘B’

Dialog however could not mount a comeback as H.T.Ahamed and Thanuja doubled the lead after half time to give LB the win.

Full time – Dialog 1 – 3 LB Finance ‘B’

Goal Scorers

Dialog – Rifad Mahil 18’

LB Finance ‘B’ – Lakshan Thanuja 1’ & 60’, H.T.Ahamed 52’

Amana Bank v Singer

Mohamed Noordeen and Mohamed Sajid scored two goals each as Amana Bank comfortably defeated Singer 4-0. Noordeen opened the scoring in the 1st minute while Sajid made it 2-0 four minutes later. Amana Bank went into half time up 3-0 with Noordeen adding another in the 20th minute.

Half time – Amana Bank 3 – 0 Singer

After half time Singer tightened their defence but let in the 4th goal in the 45th minute to end the 4-0.

Full time – Amana Bank 4 – 0 Singer

Goal Scorers

Amana Bank – Mohamed Noordeen 1’ & 20’, Mohamed Sajid 5’ & 45’

Singer v Virtusa

Singer avoided finishing bottom of the division with a tight 2-1 win against Virtusa. It was A.G.Lakmal who scored first for Singer in the 17th minute. Lawrence Coppin equalized for Virtusa 5 minutes later but R.Kamal re-took the lead with a strike in the 29th minute.

Full time – Singer 2 – 1 Virtusa

Goal Scorers

Singer – A.G.Lakmal 17’, R.Kamal 29’

Virtusa – Lawrence Coppin 22’

LB Finance ‘B’43101531210
Amana Bank42209368
Dialog Axiata41215505
Singer Sri Lanka4112411-74
Virtusa Ltd4004415-110

 E Division

Union Bank v DFCC Bank

Union Bank’s two first half goals were enough to give them the win against DFCC Bank. Samith Moraes and Srien Tius scored both goals within a minute to kill of the game in the first half.

Full time – Union Bank 2 – 0 DFCC Bank

Goal Scorers

Union Bank – Samith Moraes 22’, Srien Tius 23’

WNS Global v Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank kept the free scoring WNS Global goalless in the first half. However an enlivened WNS side showed no mercy in the 2nd half as they scored 4 goals.

Harein Jude scored in the 32nd minute while Dilan Jayawardena doubled the lead four minutes later. Thawshif Thariq made it 3-0 in the 40th minute and Henry Sandanam completed the rout with the 4th in the final minute.

Full time – WNS Global 4 – 0 Standard Chartered Bank

Goal Scorers

WNS Global – Harein Jude 32’, Dilan Jayawardena 36’, Thawshif Thariq 40’, Henry Sandanam 60’

Other Results

Standard Chartered Bank 2 – 2 Akbar Brothers

Goal Scorers

Standard Chartered Bank – Madusha Jayasinghe 26’, Krishan Anthony 42’

Akbar Brothers – Zaki Samsudeen 31’, A.D.Indrasiri 35’

DFCC Bank 0 – 5 WNS Global

Goal Scorers

WNS Global – Thawshif Thariq 10’, 14’ & 25’, Mohamed Khalid 15’, Inshaf Ansar 52’

WNS Global43101901910
Union Bank431050510
Standard Chartered41127704
DFCC Bank4013012-121
Akbar Brothers4013214-121