Green Machine begin the season with a thumping victory at home Dialog Schools Rugby League 2024

Dialog Schools Rugby League 2024

Isipathana College vs Sri Sumangala College

Isipathana College hosted Sri Sumangala College Kandy today (15th of June), at Havelock Park. The Green Machine were just too good for the newcomers to Segment A Rugby as the final scoreline read 50-03 in favour of the home team. 

Isipathana found their first threatening break thanks to Kaveen Tharusha as he gained some good metres to almost enter the opposition 22m territory. Shahid Zumri then took them closer with some lovely running and Sri Sumangala College gave away a scrum opportunity to the Green Machine very close to the try line. The Isipathana forwards then worked brilliantly to get closer as Kenula Mihisara finished the job to score the first try of the season for his team. Zumri added the two points to increase the gap. (IC 07 – 00 SSCK) 

It took 20 minutes more for the home team to score their 2nd try and the door opened for that when the boys from Kandy conceded a line offside penalty in their own 22m territory, and Zumri took the tap quickly to catch the opposition defenders off-guard and get over the try line. He converted his own try easily. (IC 14 – 00 SSCK) 

A couple of minutes later Sri Sumangala College received a penalty close to the 22m mark of Isipathana College and Adhil Nazar kicked it through to add the first and only points on the board for the Summa boys in this fixtures. (IC 14 – 03 SSCK) 

There were no more scoring opportunities in the first half as both the teams, especially Isipathana College, missed out on multiple scoring chances. 

Half Time : IC 14 – 03 SSCK 

Isipathana College started the 2nd half in style with a magnificent try as Dinada Thinul laid the foundation for it with a brilliant run. Kalindu Silva recycled the ball quickly after they entered the Summa 22m territory and the elder Zumri gave the pass out to his younger brother Shaakib Zumri, who finished the job. Zumri converted his brother’s try as the lead grew for the Green Machine. (IC 21 – 03 SSCK) 

Thinul was once again exceptional for Isipathana College, making inroads deep into the opposition half, and Shaakib continued his powerful ball carrying to open the gates for Mihisara to score his 2nd try of the game. Zumri was once again successful with the conversion to add the two points. (IC 28 – 03 SSCK) 

From their own half a get out of jail kick from Sri Sumangala College fly half went straight to Tharusha who gained some good metres for Isipathana. Then Nimantha Sandeepa took them close and gave the ball out to Shaakib as he went over for the second time in the game. Unfortunately, the conversion was unsuccessful this around. (IC 33 – 03 SSCK) 

With the floodgates open, Zumri produced a blistering run from the left corner of the field and gave the ball out to Samiru Disas, who safely evaded the touchline before giving the ball to the supporting player on his right – Sandeepa – who had too much gas for the away team to stop. Zumri converted the try once again to increase their tally further. (IC 40 – 03 SSCK) 

A clearance kick from their own 22m line from the home team was fumbled big time by the boys from Kandy as Disas, who gave a speedy chase, managed to steal the ball. He gave the pass out to Mihisara who once again made important yardage before Shaakib took the ball quickly from the ruck and ran all the way for a memorable hat trick to begin the season in style. Unfortunately, Abdullah Faizer missed the conversion opportunity (IC 45 – 03 SSCK) 

The final try of the day came when Sri Sumangala College knocked the ball forward and Zumri, who capitalised on the loose ball, used his football skills not once, not twice, but thrice as all he had to do was dive down on the try line for his 2nd try of the game. The conversion was once again unsuccessful for the home team. (IC 50 – 03 SSCK) 

With Isipathana bringing in a lot of fresh legs in the last 10 minutes of the game, they made some handling errors and there were no more scoring opportunities for both the sides. The Summa boys came close to the whitewash once in the last 5 minutes, but the Pathana defence was too good for them to penetrate.  

Hat trick try hero Shaakib Zumri was adjudged NDB Bank Player of the Match for his powerful ball carrying ability throughout the game and for his impressive finishing efforts in each of the tries he scored.  

Full Time : Isipathana College 50 (8T 5C) beat Sri Sumangala College 03 (1P)

  • NDB Bank Player of the Match : Shaakib Zumri (IC)

Points Breakdown

Isipathana College : Shahid Zumri 2T 5C, Shaakib Zumri 3T, Kenula Mihisara 2T, Nimantha Sandeepa 1T


Sri Sumangala College : Adil Nazar 1P