Harin Fernando offers Sugathadasa for Schools Rugby

Says Sri Lanka needs to get back to normal


“Sri Lanka must get back to normal,” added the Minister of Sports, Telecommunication and Foreign employment Harin Fernando as he urges the country to look ahead from the Easter Sunday attacks.

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The catastrophe attacks put the country in shock resulting in the nation going into a complete standstill. Just over a week now, the country seems to be getting back to its usual ways and the minister wants the sporting activities also to resume.

“It is hard for us to absorb this situation since it is after ten long years. I myself am still in shock.

“The school sports come under the ministry of education. For that, the minister of education has to take the decision and we are awaiting his call.

“We are willing to provide the Sugathadasa Stadium, both indoor and outdoor for the sports where you can play rugby, football and others. We are also willing to provide full security for the venue as well.

“The school children must get over this mentality and realize while the security forces are doing their job, we have to continue with our day-to-day lives. Otherwise, it will be tough for us to get back to our usual lives” he further added.

The Sugathadasa Authority comes under the Ministry of Sports and is the custodian for the Sugathadasa Indoor and Outdoor Sports Complexes, the Indoor Swimming Pool and the Bogambora Grounds in Kandy.

The Singer Schools Rugby League and all other major sporting events were postponed indefinitely following the Easter Sunday attacks last month.

The second round of the Singer Schools Rugby league commenced on Saturday the 20th only to be postponed due to the Easter Sunday attacks indefinitely

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The tournament organizers of the schools league are set to meet on the 7th to decide the fate of the tournament but the minister is confident that schools’ rugby will be back on track in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, the 75th Bradby Shield encounter that was supposed to be played on the 11th and the 25th has also been postponed.

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