Good Shepherd’s Inaugural Triumph for the Alles – Alwis Trophy

Rohini Alles - Sister M. Agnes de Alwis Trophy

Rohini Alles - Sister M. Agnes de Alwis Trophy

In a captivating showdown at the Kandy Municipal Indoor courts, Gateway College, Kandy, and Good Shepherd Convent, Kandy, battled for glory in the inaugural Netball Encounter on the 14th of November, vying for the prestigious Rohini Alles – Sister M. Agnes de Alwis Challenge Trophy.

This symbolic trophy honours the contributions of Rohini Alles to Gateway International School and Sister Mary Agnes de Alwis, the pioneering Sri Lankan Principal of Good Shepherd Convent. 

The opening moments witnessed a few hiccups from both sides, including a missed opportunity by the Shepherdians. However, Good Shepherd Convent swiftly rebounded, courtesy of Nehara Amindi, their Goal Attack player, notching up the first crucial point. While the Shepherdians seized early control, Gateway exhibited unwavering determination, closing the first quarter with a score of Gateway 05-08 Good Shepherd. 

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Nehara Amindi continued her stellar performance in the second quarter, extending Good Shepherd Convent’s lead by four points. Undeterred, Gateway staged a remarkable comeback. The spotlight was on Gateway’s skipper, Savinya Navarathne, who seamlessly transitioned from Goal Attack to an all-around player, orchestrating defensive brilliance and creating scoring opportunities. The second quarter concluded with an even scoreline of 12-12. 

The anticipation of a closely contested third quarter was shattered as Good Shepherd Convent asserted complete control. With Nehara Amindi at the forefront, the Shepherdians dominated, scoring 10 goals while conceding only 4. The third quarter concluded with Good Shepherd leading 22-16. 

Despite a valiant effort from Gateway in the fourth quarter, Good Shepherd Convent maintained their lead. The final score settled at 29-21, with the Shepherdians emerging triumphant in the inaugural Rohini Alles – Sister M. Agnes de Alwis Challenge Trophy. Nehara Amindi, Assistant skipper and Goal Attack, stood out as the game’s luminary, demonstrating exceptional control and finesse. 

This enthralling encounter not only showcased the resilience and competitive spirit of both teams but also underscored the strategic brilliance of Good Shepherd Convent. The inaugural clash of the Rohini Alles – Sister M. Agnes de Alwis Challenge Trophy will be remembered as a testament to the rich legacy of these educational institutions, celebrating their commitment to excellence on and off the court. 

Best Awards

Best Shooter – Dulanjana Aludeniya

Best Defensive Player – Gihansa Nakandalage 

Best Center Court Player – Nehara Amindi

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