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Elevate Your Game with Sports Vision by Vision Care | Part 1 - Gaming

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Gaming may have been a subset in sporting culture in the past, but it has grown into an industry of its own and is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Statista projects that there will be over 3 Billion gamers by the end of 2023; more than 50% of that number is expected to be made up of gamers in the Asia Pacific region.

In Sri Lanka, there has been exponential growth in the industry over the last decade, fueled heavily by the developments in mobile gaming. According to Gamer.lk CEO Raveen Wijayatilake, approximately 3 million people in Sri Lanka are interested in gaming. That’s 14% of the country’s total population.

Over the last two years, the industry has seen a surge once again, with the Covid-19 pandemic forcing many to spend much of their time indoors. 

Watch how you can become a better gamer with Sports Vision

Whether gaming casually or at a competitive level (esports), there is no denying that there is growing need to improve performance and skills to stay ahead of the competition, whether that competition is your sibling sitting on the other side of the couch or a rival on the other side of the country.

This is where Sports Vision by Vision Care may interest you. Sports Vision is the science of improving athletic performance through the enhancement of visual skills. It is composed of various techniques and training methods that strengthen the connection between the brain and the eyes, something experts call ‘visual processing’.

Sports Vision training can help train a number of skills

This exercise of visual processing is perhaps one of the most critical aspects in gaming, maybe even more than we realize as gamers MUST rely more heavily on visual skills than those engaged in more physical sports, as they don’t have use of their full body.


In this article, we are going to focus on 5 skills that you can work on with Sports Vision by Vision Care, which will make you a better gamer.

  1. Reaction Time – the amount of time that takes places between when we perceive something to when we respond to it. 

Gaming is a fast-paced affair, that requires players to react quickly and accurately. When gaming, whether competitively or otherwise, playing multi-player or not, how fast you are able to react to the stimuli in the game, has a big impact on your success. 

Professionals in the e-sports arena have quicker than average reaction times

In fact, reaction time is a metric used to assess pros in the e-sports arena too. So, it goes without saying, if you want to get better at whatever you are playing, whether it’s on your mobile, PC or console, improving your reaction time is one of the best ways to do it.

  1. Eye-hand coordination – the coordinated control of eye movement with hand movement, a complex cognitive function that we use every day.

Now, if we are to improve reaction time, as discussed before, another element of that is eye-hand coordination. The efficiency with which our motor skills react to what we perceive with our eyes, is important in a fast-paced activity like gaming. The more effectively your hands are able to respond and synchronize with what you perceive in a game, the better you are going to be at that game. 

  1. Multiple object tracking – the ability to track multiple objects at once.

If you’ve played games like Call of Duty Mobile or League of Legends, then you know that the ability to focus on multiple objects at the same time can really come in handy. Sure, being able to focus on one thing is important, but gamers are constantly thrust into busy situations that require them to keep a track of maps, teammates, opponents and other distractions and the better they are maintaining situational awareness, the better they are at the game.

  1. Go/No go – the time that it takes you to perceive something, make a decision and act on that decision in pressure situations.
Your decision to shoot or pass, can determine your success

As mentioned before, gaming is an activity that requires you to react quickly, but the speed in which you react is not the only important skill you need. When faced with options, gamers are required to make a good decision as fast as they can, or face defeat. Take sports games like Fifa or NBA2k for example, the decision to pass or shoot, shift defense or counterattack, are decisions that you need to make in a split second, while the pressure is on. Your ability to absorb the information in front of you and make the most productive decision, depends on your go/no go skills. 

  1. Perception span – the ability to acquire the information that is most important in the moment

When gaming, you are thrown into chaotic situations, with a plethora of different distractions around you, so the ability to efficiently sort through your environment and acquire the information that is most important at the time, becomes an essential element that can contribute to your success. 

Watch how you can train at Sports Vision by Vision Care

So how can Sports Vision by Vision Care help gamers? 

Through the assessment, analysis and improvement stages of the process at Sports Vision, you get to work with a certified Sports Vision Coach on the skills mentioned above. The facility uses advanced technology to enhance the visual skills of athletes, such as the Senaptec Sensory Station, Strobe eyewear, Binovi Technology etc. 

And the best part about it is that you don’t have to be a professional to use their services. Whether you are a casual mobile gamer, or want to make a career in the e-sports arena, Sports Vision by Vision Care can help you elevate your game.

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What is Elevate Your Game with Sports Vision by Vision Care?

Elevate Your Game is a series of articles and videos put together through the collaboration of ThePapare.com and Sports Vision by Vision Care to show you how you can get better at your sport, with a little bit of help from the experts at Sports Vision. 

Watch this space for more informative articles on sports such as Cricket, Football, Tennis and Basketball if you want to Elevate Your Game.