Training and Technology at Sports Vision by Vision Care

Sports Vision by Vision Care


At Sports Vision by Vision Care, advanced technology is used to enhance the visual skills of athletes. This is done following an assessment with a database of over 45,000 entries and analysis where 10 specific visual skills are tested. The process of improvement is based on a uniquely designed training program, to enhance the opportunities and further improve the strengths.

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Let’s take a look at some of the equipment and training methods used in Sports Vision.

Senaptec Sensory Station 

Image Courtesy Senaptec

The Sensory Station is an advanced platform which offers sensory evaluation and training that is utilized to measure and improve the visual and sensory skills of an athlete. The platform provides instant results, which can be compared to the data on the extensive databases worldwide by three different aspects: sport, competition level, and position. Through the analytics feature, athletes are able to identify strengths and areas for improvement. The Sensory Station is used to enhance all 10 visual skills mentioned here. 

Strobe Eyewear 

The Strobe is one of the most frequently used equipment at Sports Vision. Strobe goggles are designed to train and strengthen the connection between the eyes, brain and body.  The lenses in the goggles use liquid crystal technology, to flicker between clear and opaque, removing visual information and making it harder to see. This in turn forces the eyes, brain and body to process visual information more efficiently. 

Image Courtesy Reflexion

Having trained with the goggles on, individuals are able to process visual information faster in a game situation. The Strobe is essential to improving reaction time. It is also used to improve eye-hand coordination, increase visual memory, improve neuro stability and for concussion prevention.

The strobe technology can be implemented in two ways: at the Sports Vision Center to enhance the visual skills or during current drills to reach the next level of performance better and faster.

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Virtual Reality

Technology related to virtual reality has been used increasingly in the past few years in Sports training. In Sports Vision, VR technology can be used to improve visual skills in a 3D environment effectively. It is utilized to enhance eye-hand coordination, reaction time, visual memory, peripheral awareness and depth perception.

The Fitlight Trainer

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The Fitlight Trainer system is a wireless reaction training system comprising lights and controllers. The Fitlights are used as targets for the user to deactivate and can be adapted and configured for a variety of Sports Vision protocols. This means that it enables trainers to create a real in-game scenario to train whatever specific element that needs improvement. The fitlight training enables trainers and athletes to dive deeper into data on a specific visual skill in order to devise better ways of improvement. 


Anticipation is an essential skill in everyday life, more so in competitive sport. The simple act of catching a ball requires your eyes to track motion, your brain to judge distance, speed, and trajectory, and your muscles to move in time with the ball’s arrival. Synchrony is one of the technologies at Sports Vision that provides a way to improve on those skills. With the Synchrony technology, an athlete’s reaction time sees a drastic enhancement. The technology is also used to improve eye-hand coordination.

Binovi Technology

Binovi platform is a software-based platform that combines software, hardware, expert knowledge, and data analysis to help optometrists, vision therapists, and sports trainers work together with their clients to improve their vision. 

At Sports Vision, Binovi technology is used to enhance eye-hand coordination, memory, speed and more. It’s accessibility via an app makes it easy to configure to requirements, with varied training programs and levels for clients to use.

Are you an athlete? Do you want a competitive edge? If your answer to these questions is yes, then Sports Vision by Vision Care is what you are looking for. With the latest in Sports Vision technology at its disposal, it is the one place in Sri Lanka where you can work on your visual skills to enhance your performance.

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