Sports Vision by Vision Care: Introducing state of the art technology to Sri Lankan Sport

Sports Vision by Vision Care

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Vision Care, Sri Lanka’s pioneering eye care service provider, with over 29 years of service excellence has been at the forefront of the technological revolution by the usage of state-of- the-art equipment to diagnose the vision problem with high precision. 

What is Sports Vision?

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In short, Sports Vision is the science of improving athletic performance through the enhancement of visual skills. It is composed of various techniques and training methods that strengthen the connection between the brain and the eyes, something experts call ‘visual processing’. 

Vision is important to every one of us, with 70% of our sensory receptors located in our eyes, but more so for athletes as research has shown that information gathered through vision takes precedence over information from other sensory systems, therefore making it essential to successful performance in almost every sport. 

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How does it work? 

To understand how Sports Vision works, it is first essential to break down the process by which information gathered through the eyes leads to a motor response. 

Visual information is gathered through your eyes and sent to your brain. Once you become aware of this information or you ‘perceive’ it, your brain makes a decision (whether to act or not and how) after which it sends the signal to your body for the actual motor response. This whole process happens within a split second, so quickly that it is almost completely unconscious. 

What Sports Vision training does then, is to work on various aspects within the process of perception to help better quality information reach the brain in a more efficient manner, enabling the brain to process the information and act on it better. 

What does Sports Vision by Vision Care have to offer?

The process at Vision Care has 3 stages. Assess, Analyze and Improve. 

The athlete will first be assessed via exercises to test 10 visual skills, which highlight the athlete’s strengths and areas to improve on.

The 10 visual skills tested are as follows:

  1. Visual Clarity – the ability to see details at a distance 
  2. Contrast Sensitivity – how well you can see the ball/object in sport in different conditions
  3. Depth Perception – the ability to judge how far away an object is 
  4. Near/Far Quickness – being able to change focus quickly (near to far and vice versa)
  5. Perception Span – the ability to acquire the information that’s most important at that moment 
  6. Reaction Time – the time between perception and action
  7. Multiple Object Tracking – the ability to track multiple objects
  8. Target Capture – rapidly shifting and recognize peripheral targets 
  9. Eye-Hand Coordination – speed and coordination of hand responses to changing targets
  10. Go/No Go – the speed in which you make a decision and react in pressure situations
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Once the assessment is completed, athletes are able to analyze their performance with a Certified Sports Vision Coach. Thanks to a fast-growing Sports Vision database of assessments from around the world, athletes are able to compare their results with leaders in their respective sports and ascertain the areas they need to work on with the assistance of the Sports Vision coach.

Once the athlete is committed to a goal on where they want to be in terms of the above skills, a customized training plan is developed based on the results of the assessment and then worked on over the next 4-6 weeks.

As with any other form of training in sport, consistency and discipline is important in this case too and Sports Vision by Vision Care suggests training at least an hour a week for 8-12 weeks (at which time athletes will be reassessed) to see tangible results in visual skills. 

The eyes are what leads our bodies, our brains are what controls them, and Sports Vision is then almost like the gym that trains these vital organs, making them stronger, faster and more efficient, giving athletes the ultimate competitive edge.

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